Contemporary illustration methods and new application areas on illustrations: Interaction induced animated illustrations

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Banu Bulduk


Illustration can be defined as a sub-discipline of graphic design enabling the realization of visual communication which
mediates to the description of ideas and thoughts in a formal way. From the past to the present, illustrations find various
areas of usage as visual elements in communication environment and it can be used as a design element for many graphic
products ranging from product designs to children’s books. Over time, stylistic differences in illustration languages have also
turned into structural differences in design and production process and concepts such as interaction, user control and
animation have developed an alternative language to the traditional illustration techniques. Contemporary form-languages
of these illustrations are examined in the scope of this study. Formal analysis of illustrated graphic products and their delivery
to new media environments are considered in this process. Animated illustrations and three-dimensional designs, among
those application techniques, are at the active position to intensify the perception of viewers/readers via illustration. In this
study as well, method is handled with the usage, design and application processes of animated illustration applications, also
current and proposed examples and alternative languages’ search of illustrations are discoursed.
Keywords: illustration; contemporary illustration; animated illustration; three dimensional art designs; interaction design.


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