Tools for assessing parenting in the prenatal and postpartum period in Turkey

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Aylin Çakşak
Dilek Yildiz
Derya Suluhan
Berna Eren Fidanci


Scales describe the scientific quality and reliability of research. Some scales are used to evaluate the relation of parents with a newborn during pregnancy and the postpartum period. This study was carried out to examine the scales adapted to Turkish that assessed parenthood status during pregnancy or the postpartum period. This study is conducted between 20 March 2018 and 30 March 2018 through Turkey Measuring Tools Directory, YOK Thesis Search, and Google Scholar using keywords such as ‘being a parent’, ‘parenting pregnancy’ and so on. Maternal Attachment Inventory, Prenatal Attachment Inventory, Postnatal Paternal–Infant Attachment Questionnaire, Mother to Infant Bonding Scale, What Being the Parent of a New Baby is Like and so on were adapted to Turkish and it has been determined that the majority are valid and reliable. The scales evaluate, especially the new parent, love, stress, fear, feelings and behaviours.
Keywords: Being a parent, prenatal period, postpartum period, parenting scale.


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Çakşak, A., Yildiz, D., Suluhan, D., & Eren Fidanci, B. (2018). Tools for assessing parenting in the prenatal and postpartum period in Turkey. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Advances in Pure and Applied Sciences, (10), 104-109.