Determination of reasons for organisational silence of executive nurses

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Cennet Ciris


The research has been carried out as a descriptive way to find out to determine the factors that affect the silence of executive nurses. The research consists of a university hospital in Istanbul as 101 executive nurses employed. The relationship among the demographic features of the executive nurses, the questions as for speaking tendency and the factors that affect their silence have been tried to be identified. It has also been statistically analysed whether any relationship has existed among these. The findings of the research show that; 25.7% of the executive nurses don’t shared when they reached the important information about the work and that their silence for reasons of great priority was ‘managerial and organisational reasons’. The scores the nurses mentioned above got from the scales of the issue and they were reasons why they were silent were meaningful when the correlation tables studied.
Keywords: Nursing, executive nursing, organisational silence, silence in executive nurses.


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Ciris, C. (2018). Determination of reasons for organisational silence of executive nurses. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Advances in Pure and Applied Sciences, (10), 89-96.