Determination of the level of knowledge and attitudes of mothers regarding vitamin d use in Konya

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Zeynep Cicek



Objective: This study was conducted to determine the level of knowledge and attitudes of mothers having children 0-3 years of age, regarding Vitamin D use. Materials and Methods: The population of this descriptive study comprised of mothers having children 0-3 years of age, who registered in a family health center in Konya between the dates 15 December – 31 January, 2015. Of this population, the experimental sample consisted of mothers who voluntarily accepted to participate in the study. The data was collected by the researchers by means of a questionnaire having 25 questions based on literature review. Face to face interview was conducted with participants to fill up the questionnaire. Data was analysed statistically using SPSS 22.0 packet program. Means, percentages, frequencies and chi- square test was performed to evaluate the data. Results: 59% of mothers belonged to the age group of 26-35 years, 58% had an education level of at least high school or above. All of the participants had given birth in the hospital, and 66% stated that they had not attended any health related training prior to birth. 33% of the mothers mentioned that they gave vitamin D to their children on a regular basis and 40% stated that mothers milk contained adequate amounts of vitamin D. No difference was found between education level of mothers and health related training prior to birth, in regard to vitamin D usage for their children (p >0,05). Conclusion: The level of knowledge of mothers and their attitudes regarding regular vitamin D usage for their children were not found to be at an adequate level. In this respect, health personnels working at the family health centers must take more responsibility for the education and training of mothers visiting them.

Keywords: 0-3years aged children, vitamin D, level of knowledge, health personnels, mother


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