An assessment of the effects of widespread use of mobile applications in the health sector: An exploratory study of its success and failures

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Nadire Cavus



Prior to the introduction of mobile technologies, the manual system of checking patients’ vital signs after approximately seven hours increased the health risk of the patients. Some of the patients’ health was jeopardised, worsening their situation, others re-admitted and others even passing on. The introduction and extensive use of mobile technologies has transformed the delivery of health care. Mobile applications with early warning systems are now dominating the health sector in an attempt to alert medical practitioners to act promptly to the patients’ needs. This paper reviews effects of mobile applications in the health sector as well as the success and failures of Mobile health applications. The assimilation of mobile applications in health care is marking an incredible venture in the health care industry.

Keywords: mHealth, mobile applications, success, failures, health sector, mobile technologies, adoption, patients, hospitals.


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