Percentage depth dose (PDD) and Beam profile measurements using CT based MAGAT gel dosimetry system and Monte Carlo calculation

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Mohammad Aljamal



The aim of this project is to develop and to evaluate the CT based MAGAT (methacrylic acid, gelatine and tetrakis phosphonium chloride) polymer gel dosimetry for measuring 3D dose distributions in radiation treatment. The MAGAT gel was prepared based on the formulation proposed in the literature. The percentage depth dose (PDD) and beam profile of 8 x 8 cm2 field size photon beam from a 6 MV linear accelerator were measured. Monte Carlo simulation was carried out to calculate PDD and beam profiles in the simulated MAGAT gel phantom to verify the data measured using MAGAT gel dosimetry for the 8 x 8 cm2 field size. The PDD and beam profile calculated using simulated MAGAT gel phantom agreed very well with that measured using MAGAT gel dosimetry. However, there were some differences between the simulated PDD with that measured at the surface region due to the electron contamination at the surface of the simulated phantom. In conclusion, the results showed that the CT based MAGAT gel dosimetry system is promising method to measure three- dimensional dose distribution based on PDD and Beam profile measurement.

Keywords: MAGAT gel, CT, Monte Carlo simulation


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