The Correlation Between Manners of Conflict and Manners of Communication of Nurses in Emergency Room. Case Study: A Study of Conflict Welding Communication

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Umran Celik Barmakci



The concept of “conflict” is not only an interest of area of organizational psychology, but it is also a research area of psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, and some other disciplines. Due to the increase of demands for societies of health care day-to-day, the analysis of the elements which effect the usage of hospitals efficiently and effectively also comes into prominence. One of those is the phenomenon of “conflict”. Since hospitals are complex structures, the reasons of conflicts that may occur are so varied. There may sometimes be numerous reasons behind a conflict case at a unit. Emergency room is one of the units where the conflicts at hospitals frequently happen. In order to manage a conflict in emergency room, it comes into prominence to diagnose the conflict, to make the necessary intervention, and to bring out the reasons of the conflict. In this case study, the conflict happens as a chain of events by taking a report of a nurse who will come to seizure without informing the other responsible nurse and declaring to the other responsible nurse that four colleagues of the other sentry nurse have not come. The reason of happening of the conflict is the manner of unclear communication. The nurse who will not come to her seizure by taking a report does not inform that and she keeps her taking report secret. The conflict is terminated by win-win logic, a method of problem solving, of the responsible nurse and by participating of other workers in this issue. Mutual clear communication is used and the main reason of the problem is identified as “communication problem”. As a result, it is inferred that communication problems cause hindering work, forming a platform of conflicts, and wasting time. While the conflict is being terminated, communication problems between numerous people are removed by using correct communication ways and it is given a lead to obtain a better communication platform in the organization. Having less problems due to taking care of communication in emergency room after this event shows that this conflict has been resulted in positive outcomes.

Keywords: Emergency Room, Nursing, Conflict, Manners of Communication, Case Study.


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