Can motivational interview techniques be used as an effective method on increasing the compliance of hypertensive individuals with treatment?

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Funda Ozpulat



This systematic study was planned to analyse the academic works which have assayed the effect of motivational interview techniques on the increase of compliance of individuals with the treatment. Google academic, National Academic Net and Information Centre, Turkish Psychiatry Index, and National and International data base were used as data base. After scanning, 49 articles published between 1. Jan. 2007 and 31. Dec. 2014 in national and international juried journals and whose full texts could be accessed in electronic environment were found, two of which were excluded later due to the failure of full access to the texts. 7 articles were found among 47 articles which evaluated the effects of motivational interviewing techniques on the compliance of individuals with the treatment. The study was conducted only through 5 of them, which were determined to be suitable for the criteria of including to the study. When the papers in the scope of the research was analysed, it was determined that all of the studies were experimental, pre-tested and post-tested and conducted by using control groups. As the result of the study, it was verified that motivational interviewing techniques could be used as an effective method on improving disease perception, providing them with lifestyle changes, increasing their compliance with the medical treatment and maintaining the blood pressure management successfully for hypertensive individuals.

Keywords: Hypertension, motivational interview, Health Services, systematic review


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