The Appearance of Computer/Internet Dependency in Turkey

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Nevin Gunaydin


The aim of this study is to reveal the prevalence of computer/Internet dependency in Turkey in the light of the existing research. With the rapid growth of technology, communication technologies have rapidly penetrated everyday life. More and more people express themselves with different types of technology, such as the computer and the Internet [19]. The most important communication tools that have emerged with the rapid development of technology are computers and the Internet. According to the Internet usage statistics of the world (Global Web Index, 2014), in 2014, 34% (Global Web Index, 2015) in 2015, and 34% (Global Web Index, 2015) in 2013 of the world total population in 2013 (IWS 2013) (Global Web Index, 2016) reported using the Internet. Internet users in Turkey increased by 1,225% between 2000 and 2008.

Keywords: Dependency, Internet dependency, computer dependency


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