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Prof. Dr. Afsun Ezel Esatoglu


It is the great honor for us to edit proceedings of “4nd World Conference on Health Sciences (H-SCI 2017)” held on 28-30 April 2017, at the Grand Park Lara Convention Center, Lara, Antalya, Turkey. This privileged scientific event has contributed to the field of educational sciences and research for four years.

As the guest editors of this issue, we are glad to see variety of articles focusing on the Health Care Sciences & Services; Health services, hospital administration, health care management, health care financing, health policy and planning, health economics, health education, history of medicine and palliative care. Nutrition & Dietetics; Nutrition & Dietetics covers resources concerning many aspects of nutrition, including general nutrition, nutrition and metabolism, nutrition science, clinical nutrition, vitamin research and nutritional biochemistry. Dietetics, the application of nutritional principles, is also included in this category. Nursing; Nursing covers resources on all aspects of nursing science and practice such as administration, economics, management, education, technological applications and all clinical care specialties. Sport Sciences; Sport Sciences covers resources on the applied physiology of human performance, physical conditioning for sports participation, optimal nutrition for sports performance, and the prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries and diseases. This category also includes resources on sport psychology and sociology. Health Policy & Services; Health Policy & Services covers resources on healthcare systems, including healthcare provision and management, financial analysis, healthcare ethics, health policy, and quality of care.; Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism; Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism covers resources that focus on all aspects of recreation and leisure studies, sport, hospitality, and travel and tourism. Rehabilitation Rehabilitation covers resources concerned with therapeutic approaches for the treatment of mental, speech, hearing, visual, and other physical disabilities. This category also includes studies in music, art, dance, and occupational therapy. Health Education; Heath education covers Assess needs for health education programs, Plan effective health education programs, Implement health education programs, Evaluate the effectiveness of health education programs, Coordinate the provision of health education services., Act as a resource person for health education programs, Communicate health education needs, concerns, and resources. Public, Environmental & Occupational Health; Public, Environmental & Occupational Health covers resources on social medicine, health behavior, health education, safety research, and community mental health. Resources concerned with the health of particular groups such as adolescents, elderly, or women are included in this category and etc. Furthermore, the conference is getting more international each year, which is an indicator that it is getting worldwide known and recognized. Scholars from all over the world contributed to the conference. Special thanks are to all the reviewers, the members of the international editorial board, the publisher, and those involved in technical processes. We would like to thank all who contributed to in every process to make this issue actualized. A total of 45 full papers or abstracts were submitted for this conference and each paper has been peer reviewed by the reviewers specialized in the related field. At the end of the review process, a total of 21 high quality research papers were selected and accepted for publication.

I hope that you will enjoy reading the papers.


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