Improving Sports Technique of Jaeger Salto on Uneven Bars Based on Biomechanical Indicators

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Potop Vladimir


This paper aims at improvement of key sports technique elements using kinematic and dynamic indicators of Jaeger salto on uneven bars during the training stages. The methods used in this research include analysis of the literature; evaluation of techniques of gymnastics exercises using algorithmic structural–systemic analysis of movement; video-computerised methods using ‘Pinnacle Studio’, ‘Kinovea’ and ‘Physics ToolKit’; movement postural orientation and evaluation of sports technique with complex coordination of movement structure; linear-branched programming of learning and improvement; and the ‘KyPlot’ program. Correlative analysis of the indicators of Jaeger salto and performances by 12–15-year-old gymnasts highlighted the connection between the kinematic and dynamic characteristics of sports techniques and the scores in competitions. Video-computerised methods, the method of movement postural orientation and algorithmic analysis of sports technique of Jaeger salto on uneven bars contributed to effective development of long-term learning programmes, improvement of technical execution and achievement of better performances.

Keywords: Gymnastics, uneven bars, biomechanics, key elements, long-term programmes of learning, performance.


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Vladimir, P. (2017). Improving Sports Technique of Jaeger Salto on Uneven Bars Based on Biomechanical Indicators. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Advances in Pure and Applied Sciences, (8), 83-91.