Comparing Newborn Hearing Test Batteries: TEOAE and A-ABR – Pilot Study

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Esra Dogru Huzmeli


The aim of the newborn hearing screening programme is early detection of hearing loss. Transient evoked otoacoustic emissions (TEOAE) and automised auditory brainstem response (A-ABR) are effective, objective and valuable test batteries for newborn hearing screening, and they should be used together. The purpose of this study is to determine which test battery is more accurate and can be used as the gold standard. A total of 933 newborn children were included in this study, of which 602 were girls and 331 boys. 622 of them were screened with TEOAE, while 311 with A-ABR. 31 of the newborn screened with A-ABR and 27 of those screened with TEOAE were referred in the hearing screening programme. The results showed that out of 933, 17 subjects had hearing loss. The hearing loss rate was 1.8%; 12 of the newborn screened with AABR and 5 of those screened with TEOAE had hearing loss.

Keywords: Hearing loss, TEOAE, ABR, newborn hearing screening.


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