Depression Frequency Among Turkish Elders and Influent Factors

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Funda Ozpulat


Elderly population in the world gradually increases both numerically and proportionally due to reasons like decrease in fertility and deaths. Elders generally have a respectable position in the Turkish family structure. However, there is a gradual increase in the number of elder individuals living in nursing homes due to reasons like the changes brought along modern life and participation of women in business life at higher rates, family bonds are gradually weakening especially in cities, and the social support factors, which are known to have an effect upon the depression risk of elder individuals, are gradually decreasing. Making interventions aimed at reviving the cultural features that would strengthen family relations and bonds, developing national action plans that would enable elder individuals to be physically active and the society to grow old healthfully and bringing various social activities and hobbies in elders will be considerably effective upon decreasing depressions that may be encountered in elder individuals.

Keywords: Elder individual, depression, social support


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