An adaptation of traditional Turkish educational games to the teaching of vocabulary in EFL environment

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Funda Kurt
Fatih Yavuz


Vocabulary plays a vital role in all methods and approaches in ELT. Vocabulary knowledge is one of the significant sub-skills for not only receptive but also productive skills in foreign language learning process. As the techniques used to teach vocabulary vary in approaches for different purposes, it can be observed that they can be classified as conscious or explicit and unconscious or implicit ones. This paper aims to outline some traditional methods of vocabulary teaching particularly young learners; the significance of game –based teaching process in education; the application of educational games in language classes; some studies carried out with the purpose of searching the effects of educational games in foreign language learning process; the benefits of teaching frequent vocabulary through games for young learners through the related literature. This study concludes by suggesting an adaptation of some traditional Turkish games to the teaching frequent vocabulary to young learners in foreign language teaching.


Keywords: vocabulary teaching; game – based teaching process; traditional Turkish games; young learners; frequent vocabulary


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