Career Planning And Management In Businesses

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Mustafa Tandogan


In parallel with rapidly changing world, in self renewing business life, individuals have to determine their own career path properly and the organisations have to choose up the employees who will make them superior, provide the added value and make progress consistently. This necessity caused career management to be appeared. Thus, individual organisation integration was supplied bringing need based targets into conformity with the organisations’ future goals. At this stage with career planning, both individuals have to determine their own goals and the organisation also has to analyse to what extent it can provide these requirements. A well organised career planning carries weight in the terms of supplying prudential productivity. Thereby, the sustainability of career management and planning is possible with a career development system. Career development is a process which contains to provide the facilities of improving the personnel’s knowledge, skills and talents. Thus, it becomes not only the individual’s but also the organisations success.
Keywords: organised, individual, organisation, individual, organisation


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