A design of gifted personality traits scale

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Saida Attar


This study aimed to design the ‘gifted personality traits scale’. The dimensions of this scale are determined in the following personality traits: motivation, emotional stability, positive self-esteem, internal control and deep learning style. A scale of (62) items was applied on (54) gifted students of the secondary level in order to extract the psychometric properties.The statistical analysis revealed (45) distinct items. The indicative correlation coefficient of the scale validity (by using split half) reached (0.881). As for the reliability, the alpha coefficient rate of the internal consistency reached (0.873). At last, we consider this scale as a valid tool to identifing gifted students at Algerian secondary school.

Keywords: Scale, gifted, traits, students,


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Attar, S. (2019). A design of gifted personality traits scale. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 11(2), 49-59. https://doi.org/10.18844/ijlt.v11i2.929