The impact of the type of questions asked in continuous assessment on students' outcomes

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Soumia Tamani
Hafid Sokrat
Mohamed Radid


This study has an objective to look for the impact of the type of questions given in assessments about students’ results and to measure the capacity of synthesis for them. In fact, we had analysed the students’ answer related to exercise that is a part of the subject of the first control about thermochemistry concerning the first university level science of chemistry subject in 2014. The recorded results show that when useful figures are designed in enunciations students have ability to move easily to the next stages and could find out easily adequate answers, but when the question is without indication students are lost in the choice of the figures that are part of the exercise. These results push us to prepare lecture about given subjects of the national exam Bac: mathematics, chemistry and physics as well tests and interviews to have an access to high schools in Morocco (limited access).

Keywords: Assessment, students’ level, thermochemistry, capacity of synthesis.


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Tamani, S., Sokrat, H., & Radid, M. (2019). The impact of the type of questions asked in continuous assessment on students’ outcomes. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 11(2), 60-65.