Characterisation of structure and trends in the higher education

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Ani Matei
Florica Georgeta Rotaru
Silvia Elena Cristache


Romanian education system faces structural failures due to increased labour market instability and the proliferation of austere economic policies in adjusting the value of GDP. Open competition on the labour market, both in the EU and countries outside the European Union also stresses the need to adapt the education system to meet current and future needs of society by contributing to the development of information technology research and eco-awareness. The education system in Romania will have to take into account the need to give people the skills and abilities needed to adapt quickly to a changing labour market.

Keywords: High education system, study programs, macro economical indicators, linear trend, labour market.



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Matei, A., Rotaru, F. G., & Cristache, S. E. (2019). Characterisation of structure and trends in the higher education. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 11(2), 66-76.