Technology-Enhanced Assessment at universities and in schools: An initiative

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Vladan Devedzic
Mirjana Devedzic


Background: Technology-enhanced assessment (TEA) is a broad term that encompasses the diverse methods, by which technology can be used to support the management and delivery of assessment in educational institutions, in workplace and lifelong learning, in professional training and development, and so on. Purpose of Study: There is a new initiative at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, to explore computing technology underpinnings of the practice of TEA (computing underpinnings of the practice [CUP] of TEA), at universities and in schools in the country. Sources of Evidence: The CUP of TEA initiative starts from the current insight into current practices of assessment processes in different educational institutions. The data collected include assessment process descriptions from these institutions, specification of technologies used for the purpose, and specification of the educational profiles of participants in the process. Main Argument: The CUP of TEA initiative develops: A novel and comprehensive framework for TEA to lay the foundation for systematic, accurate, effective, and innovative application and use of TEA in educational institutions; specifically designated sets of information and communication technology (ICT) tools and services – ICT toolsets – that support practical application of TEA; several application cases that implement the TEA framework and use different ICT toolsets for TEA in different educational contexts, showcasing the integration of best TEA practices into curricula; and a set of policies that enable educational institutions and their teachers to officially establish the use of the framework for TEA in their courses and daily work. The CUP of TEA initiative covers both formative and summative assessment and supports formal, non-formal, and informal learning and assessment. Conclusions: The ultimate goal of the initiative is not just better, faster, and more informative assessment. It is the creation of a robust teaching and learning assessment approach that improves and advances the quality and efficiency of education.

Keywords: Technology Enhanced Assessment; assessment processes; application cases


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Devedzic, V., & Devedzic, M. (2019). Technology-Enhanced Assessment at universities and in schools: An initiative. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 11(3), 89-98.