An Evaluation on the change of healing perception at healthcare facilities the royal children's hospital

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Elif Özgen


Healthcare constructions are public buildings that necessitate technical, healing and medical conditions, require common action from a number of disciplines and accommodate differing scales within themselves. Recently, these constructions have been a field of study whose momentum have continued to speed up for varying disciplines in terms of healing factors. This condition can be evaluated in terms of the basic requirement of “well-being” for each individual, the fact that the definition of health has become more comprehensive and the changes on spatial requirements in accord with developing technology. The definition by World Health Organization (WHO) will be distinctive for designers. WHO stated that “Health is not only protection from diseases and microbes but also a state of well-being physically, mentally and socially.” Furthermore, excitement, hope and other positive emotions that can be conveyed to human soul through design can be viewed as the basis of health philosophy constructed on the condition of “well-being” Even though the concept of health involves a comprehensive definition, its perception by users indicates change over time and it can be considered that this perception is far from a holistic approach in parallel with the definition of health. Healthcare constructions include places that have negative connotations in the conscious of the society. The design of modern healing places as livable spots, environments to where feelings of belonging can be attached and environments of relaxing and healing therapeutics has become a delayed requirement. This will only start with understanding the role of place on healing. Hospitals can be regarded as type of constructions that are convenient to healing reading. Therefore, the efforts to create theoretical background have been put forward in this study in order to evaluate the relation between healthcare constructions and perception of places to provide reading over hospitals. The study will mention hospital buildings in the historical process and changes on the healing perception of people. It is impossible to design the study independent of users in this healing reading from past to present. With the evaluation carried out in this respect, today’s spatial construction perception will be evaluated over The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia and providing recommendations on construction design is targeted.


Keywords: Healing Places, Hospitals, Hospital design, Healing Design, Healthcare Constructions, Spatial Perception.


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Özgen, E. (2018). An Evaluation on the change of healing perception at healthcare facilities the royal children’s hospital. International Journal of Emerging Trends in Health Sciences, 2(1), 07-13.