Opinions of nursing students regarding their occupation

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Funda Özpulat
Nevin Gunaydin




The present descriptive study was conducted at the health high school of the Ordu University and Aksehir Kadir Yallagöz Health High School of the Selcuk University in April and aimed to determine opinions of nursing students regarding their occupation. Within the scope of this study, nursing students at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades of both vocational high schools were aimed to be included in the study. No any sampling group was selected. While the study was conducted on the volunteer base, data collection was conducted through a data collection form compromising 2 sections. In terms of student distribution, whereas 54.3% of participant students were from Aksehir Kadir Yallagöz Health High School of the Selcuk University; 24.2% were male; 39.1% were at the 2nd grade. While 40.1% were graduated from the Anadolu High School, 28.1% and 17.2% were graduated from Regular High School and Natural Sciences High School, respectively. Whereas mother of 60.6% of students and 32.5% of fathers were graduated from primary school, 83.8% have elementary family; 13.9% have large family. 72.8% stated that their income is equal to their expenses; 18.9% stated that their income is less than their expense. Regarding opinions of students regarding their occupation, 80.5% of students from the Selcuk University, Kadir Yallagöz Health High School and 70.5% of students from the Ordu University Health High School stated that they like nursing occupation; and it was observed that sympathy towards the nursing occupation differs according to the schools (<0.05). As a result of the present study, it was determined that sympathy and adoption levels of nursing students toward their occupation are effective on their opinion, their future plans regarding their profession, and their preferences about the major to be specialized in. It is considered that if it is ensured that nursing occupation is preferred willingfully and by sympathy, it would make significant contributions into the occupation and would increase nursing quality.


Keywords: Opinions of students, nursing, occupation.



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