The use of interactive mobile technology to improve the quality of health care services in private and public hospitals in Australia

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Shakir Karim
Ergun Gide


The research questions, ‘As an Australian, can we expect fully mobile technology integrated health care services in Australia? Is it possible everywhere in Australia’? A healthcare system whether private or public should provide comprehensive health care services all over in Australia, including countryside and CBD. The term ‘Mobile Technology integrated health care’ refers to a healthcare system designed for electronic and smart devices which can be used anytime and anywhere in the world. This research paper examines ‘how patients can access GPs, specialists, private and public hospitals in Australia’, which provide interactive mobile technology-based health services. The research has mainly used secondary research data analysis and methods to provide a broad investigation of the issues relevant to interactive mobile technology and health care system in Australia, the problems, problem factors, benefits and opportunities in the health care industry. Finally, the mobile technology integrated health care system will ensure that the framework is user and environmentally friendly.

Keywords: Interactive mobile technology, quality, health care, services, hospitals, Australia.


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