Online programming language—Learning management system

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Ramiz Salama
Ahmed Qazi
Mohamed Elsayed


Today, college and university students find themselves with the need more than getting a degree. Work and social life commitments make equal demands on their time. The option of taking online classes and studying on their own is a must. However, many state institutions are unable to accommodate all those who want to take classes on campus, escalating the demand for online learning. The aim of this project is development of learning management system (LMS). You can be as a teacher and upload your course materials to all students in our LMS. With our LMS, you are online every time, you can get messages from all students and teacher, without e-mail, just by your username in our system. Also, you can compile your code and share the result with others by social media links using REPL IT online compiler. So, our LMS provide all facilities for taking online course.

Keywords: LMS, compiler, cloud EC2, route 53, easy engine, learn press.


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Salama, R., Qazi, A., & Elsayed, M. (2018). Online programming language—Learning management system. Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, 8(3), 114-123.