The implementation of two-factor web authentication system based on facial recognition

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Sultan Zavrak
Seyhmus Yilmaz
Huseyin Bodur
Sinan Toklu


The security of the web is a very important issue, because every day we make a variety of operations in it, for different reasons, during the day. Apart from protecting the information, contacts, accounts and data on the web, such data should be inaccessible to third-party persons. This in turn depends on the success of the authentication process performed on the individual web. With authentication, it is possible for users to protect their information and make their transactions only for themselves. However, the authentication mechanism used at this point must have a high level of safety. With the purpose to damage a person's privacy and access account information and gain profit in this way, many malicious persons have developed various methods of attacks to bypass authentication mechanisms. These methods sometimes succeed on a variety of authentication mechanisms, and put users and relevant websites into a difficult situation, and may even damage them in a variety of aspects. In order to protect personal information on the web system and provide the security of transactions carried out at a high level, in this study, we propose a two-factor authentication mechanism based on facial recognition. Besides, we discuss some implementation details about the proposed method. The proposed method aims to bring a new approach to the authentication system to perform our online process with the highest security. In addition to the standard authentication systems, using face recognition as a secondary level of security will contribute to the emergence of a new authentication mechanism.


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Zavrak, S., Yilmaz, S., Bodur, H., & Toklu, S. (2018). The implementation of two-factor web authentication system based on facial recognition. Global Journal of Computer Sciences: Theory and Research, 7(2), 92-101.