The EFQM method to compare battery performance

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Christophe Savard
Ali Sari
Pascal Venet
Anni Nikulina
Jérôme Dupuis


This paper links the scientific fields of electrical energy storage with that of managerial performance. It first presents the evaluation method of the efficient framework for quality management (EFQM) model, based on the criteria set interested in which way the management of an organisation acts on the results. An example fulfilling the requirements for an EFQM assessment is also summarised: the search for a high-performance battery internal architecture in order to improve its lifespan. To date, several different architectures, combined with a specific management algorithm, allow to similarly extending the battery lifespan. The method presented here helps to identify which architecture has the best management performance. In addition, it identifies its strengths and main defect.

Keywords: Battery, battery architecture, EFQM, performance, quality management.


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Savard, C., Sari, A., Venet, P., Nikulina, A., & Dupuis, J. (2019). The EFQM method to compare battery performance. Global Journal of Business, Economics and Management: Current Issues, 9(1), 41-54.