Activity situation analysis for production of furniture businesses

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Mehmet Colak
Tahsin Cetin


One of the greatest problems of developing countries is that they have limited sources. What is hold should be optimally used as enrichment of sources and it requires a variety of long-term measures. Economic development of a country is merely possible with increase of production and income. In this study, production planning and control which is an irreplaceable function of production in businesses and of which requirement is felt more with time, analysis of activities and formation of substructure (field, construction, machine, personnel, market, etc.) conditions for establishing a new furniture factory are explained. Seventy-three percent of said businesses state that they perform production planning; however, it is of consideration that there are only a few utilising professional management organisations. It is inevitable that said businesses contribute to the sector in case of commencing mass production by overcoming financial deficiencies and adopting a way of increasing their capacities.

Keywords: Furniture industry, production planning, SMES, production.


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Colak, M., & Cetin, T. (2019). Activity situation analysis for production of furniture businesses. Global Journal of Business, Economics and Management: Current Issues, 9(1), 1-7.