Biomorphic example with butterfly form in architectural design

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Hatice Derya Arslan


Since his existence, mankind tends to arrange his environment according to his own needs. He has designed spaces that he can make use of and benefit from in nature. He has made use of the order in nature and various objects in the environment. In architectural design, the nature-based design is called as the biomorphism. Referring to the biological formation and of which point of origin is the living organism in nature, biomorphism is used in architecture by taking the functions and systems of nature as an example along with the support of the technology and biology in urban planning and structural design. In this study, Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden, an example of biomorphic design, which hosts many butterfly types has been analysed. The garden reminds a butterfly form on an overall basis. When assessing the relationship between the architecture, construct and concept of the garden, it can see that it has a pioneering perspective.

Keywords: Biomorphic architecture, nature, form, concept, Konya butterfly garden.


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