The design process: A global vision versus a fragmentary vision

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Alia Kallel Zahaf


This paper presents a new approach in the way of thinking design process with a dialectical vision: grammar of production/grammar of reception. An approach, oscillating between the fragmentary vision and the global vision and evolves along with the currents and the structure of human thinking. The fragmentation is considered as indispensable to the setting in frame, to the representation and consequently to the configuration of the conceived object. It is also necessary to the perception, the apprehension, the assimilation and consequently the appropriation of the perceived object. On the other hand, the globalization, and this since the antiquity, has always been considered as a vision that has allowed man to master his field of intervention. In design, whether in practice or in theory, the objective of a global vision is to establish a certain systemic coherence in every production. Hence, we find ourselves face a questioning that will expose Design to a dialogic oscillating vision between the global and the fragmentary.


Keywords:design process, user experience, complexity, global approach, fragmentary approach.


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Zahaf, A. (2019). The design process: A global vision versus a fragmentary vision. Global Journal of Arts Education, 9(1), 17-21.