Looking through the Sphere; Illustration in virtual reality

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Seza Soylucicek


Artistic expression ways of Illustration that take place in visual communication design/graphic design changes and develops day by day. Having a rich history, illustration field has developed different visual communication ways and reached a broad usage area. Instead of consisting of just book limning, with various techniques, methods and technological opportunities it continues to take place in other places. Especially the usage area of two-three dimensional illustrations on digital media enlarged, led to different production processes and designers found new display possibilities and design processes. One of the examples about this situation is 360 degree illustrations that can be designed and displayed on virtual reality media. Virtual reality is an interactional virtual media that can detect the location and movements of users, appeal to one or more artificial senses and give the feeling of being inside the simulation. 360 degree display and production on this media takes not only VR glasses but also web portals and some developer programs. In this study, illustration in virtual reality and 360 degrees panoramic illustration display and development systems and production processes are examined.

Keywords: Illustration, virtual reality, panoramic illustration, graphic design, art education;


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Soylucicek, S. (2019). Looking through the Sphere; Illustration in virtual reality. Global Journal of Arts Education, 9(1), 22-28. https://doi.org/10.18844/gjae.v9i2.3953