A study of cultural reconciliation in amy Tan’s Novels

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Tmailselvan Selvakkumar


The paper analyzes how Amy Tan in her most successful novels described and designed the reconciliation between important female characters, which is also widely considered her wish for improving the relationship with her mother and her desire for seeking cultural root. It is pointed, however, that this seemingly wishful ending embodied in cultural reconciliation has a long way to go before being realized due to the actual barriers, the hybridism in cultural background, the specification of Chinese American cultural in Tan’s works, the discontinues of the cultural connection and the overemphasis on Chinese identity.


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Selvakkumar, T. (2019). A study of cultural reconciliation in amy Tan’s Novels. Global Journal of Arts Education, 9(1), 29-34. https://doi.org/10.18844/gjae.v9i2.3898