The scientists and their contribution to science education in Rio de Janeiro countryside schools

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Cristiane da Silva Oliveira Espíndola Andrea Velloso


The objective of this work is to promote closeness between students and scientists, who never had contact, being geographically distant from each other, through interactive actions by videoconference. Attended by 30 high school students from a countryside school in the state of Rio de Janeiro (BR), Paty do Alferes. Two simple questions were selected to be answered experimentally in the school  laboratories and two Scientists  participated the experimental activity, in real time. A semi-structured interview was conducted with students. The results show two anchors in the student’s discourse: (i)the humanization of the scientist; (ii)science driven by questions. The data also suggest the need rapprochement between scientist-school, to bridge the gap between science and the school community for the implementation of effective science education.

Keywords: Science Education; research ; experimentation; videoconferencing





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