The competency levels of disabled students who study in university

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Larisa V. Godovnikova
Aleksandra S. Gerasimova
Yana V. Galchun
Elena V. Shitikova


The article is devoted to the problem of inclusive education of students with disabilities at the university. The article analyses the study of the readiness of students with disabilities to research activities. The success of studying at a university depends on the psychological readiness of disabled students to educational and professional activities. Research activities are the main type of educational and professional activities. We studied the readiness levels of students with disabilities from the Belgorod State National Research University for the research activities. We obtained interesting data on the levels of the disabled students’ readiness to research activities. Most disabled students are not ready for the research activities. Students with disabilities experience difficulties in self-regulation, their goals in research activities are related to internal well-being, the communicative orientation is the leading emotional focus in research activities; the motivation to research activities is reduced. Efforts should be made to improve disabled students' university activities.

Keywords: Disabled students, inclusive education, readiness for research activities, psychological and pedagogical support.



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Godovnikova, L., Gerasimova, A., Galchun, Y., & Shitikova, E. (2019). The competency levels of disabled students who study in university. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 14(1), 99-110.