The confirmatory factor analysis of teacher’s research motivation scale

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Ujsara Prasertsin


The purpose of the research is to develop the measurement of motivation scale of in class action research conducted by school teachers. The sampling is 403 teachers, subordinated to Office of The Basic Education Commission. Data collection was conducted through questionnaires of 20 questions. The questions were designed into 5 levels following to the motivation scale in research measurement of Deemer, Mahoney, & Ball (2010). This 20 questions questionnaire is consisting of 3 latent variables that are 9 questions of intrinsic motivation, 6 questions of failure avoidance and 5 questions extrinsic motivation. The purpose of confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) is to test the construct validity of research latent variables that found the harmony correlation of empirical data contained in this research model, the value of Chi-Square ( )=89.224 at the degree of freedom=71, P value=0.071, GFI=0.978, AGFI=0.936, RMSEA=0.062, RMR=0.018, Model AIC=367.224, Saturated AIC=420.000, Model CAIC= 1062.076, Saturated CAIC = 1469.777. The weight factors of latent variable are 0.692, -0.066 and 0.894 retrospectively. The value of reliability according to cronbach’s alpha coefficient of correlation is 0.479, 0.004 and 0.800 retrospectively. Moreover correlation matrix of 20 observed variables shows the correlation among latent variables of intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation with the significant level of statistic correlation at 0.05, the correlation value ranged between 0.196-0.604 and 0.196-0.696 retrospectively. The highest value of correlation scored 0.696 is founded in observed variables of intrinsic motivation latent variable.

Keywords: Confirmatory, factor analysis, teacher, research motivation


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