The problematic of tradition and future in art and design education

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Emine Nas


In recent years, the traditional motifs and conceptual approach to the apparent authenticity of the design quality is observed that used in many areas. In this way, the tradition established in the future synthesis has led to the formation of a free and original design. This synthesis, design resources training in the artistic development of the individual and provide the best research and questioning the reasons that created them.Thus; new ideas to new situations, new problems have emerged in the need to turn to different events and phenomena. This method and the proliferation of studies aimed at the promotion of Turkish cultural heritage is undoubtedly will be at the forefront of higher quality products.The suggestions of ‘interpreting the traditional designs’ and the comprehension of what is ‘traditional’, which are proposed by some academics and designers are evaluated with a critical approach. The subject is examined within the frame of traditionalist suggestions offered from the time of the Ottomans till today, with the conceptions of the Western science, culture, art and design developed through the period of the Industrial Revolution.

Keywords: Design; Education; Tradition; Problem


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Nas, E. (2018). The problematic of tradition and future in art and design education. Contemporary Educational Researches Journal, 8(3), 96-100.