Vocational teachers’ personality, career calling and the aspects of teaching quality

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Kovalcikiene Kristina Daukilas Sigitas


Nowadays, the decline in the prestige of the vocational teacher profession is a great challenge and requires a thorough examination of teachers’ personality and its relationship with teaching quality. The aim of the research is to analyse the relationship between vocational teachers’ personality traits, career calling and the aspects of teaching quality. Three hundred and forty-six vocational teachers from Lithuania participated in the research. The results revealed that only slightly more than one-third of vocational teachers’ has chosen the teaching profession as calling. The high level of extraversion (p < 0.01), openness to experience (p < 0.01) and low level of neuroticism (p < 0.01) are related to professional calling of vocational teachers. Also, the various aspects of teaching quality are closely related to teachers’ personality traits. Thus, the research findings might serve as the basis for providing a more comprehensive view of the psychological factors of the vocational teachers’ profession.


Keywords: Vocational teacher, personality traits, career calling, teaching quality.



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