Learning environment in the undergraduate chemistry laboratory courses in Beirut

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Hanan Arnous
Zalpha Ayoubi


The undergraduate chemistry laboratory is an ideal place for meaningful learning to occur, and the laboratory work is considered as an integral part of most chemistry courses; however, a significant proportion of laboratory experiments remain highly prescriptive and fail to challenge undergraduate students. This study investigated the chemistry laboratory environment among 170 undergraduate students at a private university in Beirut, Lebanon. Data were collected using the Chemistry Laboratory Environment Inventory with its both versions: Actual Chemistry Laboratory Environment Inventory and Preferred Chemistry Laboratory Environment Inventory. The findings of this study showed that the students prefer a chemistry learning environment with greater levels of integration and material environment, but less level of open-endedness. Suggestions for improving chemistry laboratory learning environments are provided.

Keywords: Chemistry, laboratory, undergraduate courses, learning environment.



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Arnous, H., & Ayoubi, Z. (2018). Learning environment in the undergraduate chemistry laboratory courses in Beirut. Contemporary Educational Researches Journal, 8(1), 08-20. https://doi.org/10.18844/cerj.v8i1.3228