Enhancing and integrating employability of students for IT

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Agathe Merceron
Jean-Michel Adam
Heike Ripphausen-Lipa
Petra Sauer
Daniel Bardou


The Master of ‘informatics as a second competence’ (ISC) has been created at the University of Grenoble Alpes in 1985 to teach informatics to students who have already passed a bachelor’s degree in another discipline. The challenge of such a Master’s programme is to train versatile people who will combine the skills acquired in their first discipline (acquired during their bachelor studies) with theoretical and technical skills in computer science, enabling them to create, develop and implement tomorrow’s software tools. The purpose of the PROfessional network of Master’s degrees ISC European Tempus project is to disseminate the experience of the Master programme at Grenoble and to create a network of ISC Master’s programmes in Central Asia. In this contribution, we will explain the rationale of the project and describe measures that enhance the employability of students by integrating practice in the teaching.

Keywords: Informatics as a second competence, tempus project, employability, active learning, peer instruction, reverse teaching.


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Merceron, A., Adam, J.-M., Ripphausen-Lipa, H., Sauer, P., & Bardou, D. (2018). Enhancing and integrating employability of students for IT. Contemporary Educational Researches Journal, 8(1), 01-07. https://doi.org/10.18844/cerj.v8i1.3227