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Deniz Ozcan


Message from the Editor
Dear Readers,
It is the great honor for us to publish 7th Volume, 3rd Issue of Contemporary Educational Researches
Contemporary Educational Researches Journal (CERJ) welcomes original empirical investigations and
comprehensive literature review articles focusing on educational issues. The journal is an
international peer-refereed journal that promotes the researches in the field of contemporary
teaching and learning approaches and theories. The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited
to; the following major topics as they relate to: Active Learning, Administration of Education, Adult
Education, Affective Learning, Classroom Assessment, Classroom Management, Classroom Teacher
Education, Collaborative Learning, College and Higher Education, College and Higher Education,
Constructivist Learning, Instructional Design, Learning and Teaching Research Methods, Learning
Assessment and Evaluation, Learning Assessment and Evaluation, Learning Psychology, Lifelong
Learning Strategies, Learning Skills, Vocational Education, Measurement and Evaluation in Education,
New Learning Environments, Portfolio Assessment, Professional Development and School


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