Using mobile applications to teach vocabulary: Saudi EFL teachers’ perceptions

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Khalid Yahya Al-Johali


This paper aimed at investigating the potential effectiveness of using mobile applications to teach vocabulary in public schools in Saudi Arabia. It was carried out in Sabia, Jazan, Saudi Arabia in the academic year 2018. It is a descriptive survey paper done to survey EFL teachers' perspectives about using vocabulary m-applications. The sample consisted of 113 teachers. This paper depended on one instrument to collect data which is a 25-item, 5-category and closed-answer questionnaire. It addressed five questions concerning usability, motivation, collaboration, vocabulary learning and mobilebased vocabulary instruction (MBVI) versus traditional vocabulary instruction (TVI). The findings revealed that vocabulary m-applications is of great usefulness to vocabulary instruction and learning in general. The teachers considered m-applications simple and usable and preferred MBVI to TVI because of its capabilities and acceptance among students. To effectively use vocabulary m-applications, students should be well trained and classrooms should be more mobile-oriented. Also, teachers must be technically and pedagogically competent.

Keywords: Mobile applications, MALL, vocabulary learning, motivation, collaboration, mobile-based vocabulary instruction.


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Al-Johali, K. (2019). Using mobile applications to teach vocabulary: Saudi EFL teachers’ perceptions. Global Journal of Foreign Language Teaching, 9(1), 51-68.