Using Drama and Drama Techniques to Teach English Conversations to EFL Learners

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Saman M. Moghadam


The present study aimed to examine the ways in which drama and drama techniques and practices, as implemented in the English language classes and combined with pedagogical practices to teach and learn English conversation, can create the appropriate conditions that promote learning environments conducive for learning English conversations. The participants of this study were thirty undergraduate male and female students who had studied English at the secondary and high school levels at the public schools in Ardebil. They were classified into two groups including Control and Experimental groups. The two groups were administered a Test-Retest evaluation to measure the targeted language skills that was to be taught to them. In order to collect the necessary data, two modern plays were taught and rehearsed in classroom context and then a retest were administered after the practice of these two modern dramatic discourse in the classroom. The different data-collecting techniques were used for the current research were participant observation (direct and indirect), and interviews. After analysing the data the results showed that there was no significant improvement in English competence of the Control group but the Experimental group revealed a tremendous achievement in their abilities in English conversations through the use of dramatic discourse.


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Moghadam, S. (2018). Using Drama and Drama Techniques to Teach English Conversations to EFL Learners. Global Journal of Foreign Language Teaching, 8(2), 92-101.