Vol 1, No 2 (2015)

Selected Papers of 3rd World Congress of Administrative and Political Sciences (APDOL-2014)

Table of Contents


Masthead PDF
Meltem Haksız
Prof Dr. Andreea Iluzia IACOB
The Effects of Scandals on Perceived Corruption in Spain PDF
Jennifer Marek
Majoritarianism, Pluralism and Multitude: Case of Turkey PDF
Melih Cosgun, Cagdas Zarpli
Political Parties Perception into the Voters and the Appropriateness of Election Campaigns with the General Image of Political Parties: A Semiotic Analysis PDF
Ozge Gokbulut Ozdemir
Integrated Management Systems: Literature Review and Proposal of Instrument for Integration Assessment PDF
Camila Fabrício Poltronieri, Mateus Cecílio Gerolamo, Luiz Cesar Ribeiro Carpinetti
Assess the theory of dialogue among civilizations from the perspective of soft power PDF
Ebrahim Anoosheh
Management and Financial Transparency of Islamic Religious Organizations: The Case Study of Modern Islamic Boarding School in Contemporary Indonesia PDF
Hasan Basri, Mirza Tabrani
Diagnosing and understanding the ideal Lean Culture - based on the 14 principles of the Toyota Way PDF
Pedro Ernesto Paro, Mateus Cecílio Gerolamo
The Work of Small Business Manager: Analysis of Research Methods and Proposal for the use of Ethnomethodology PDF
Daniela Rosim, Kristiane Cera Carvalho, Edmundo Escrivao Filho
Regulatory Impact Assessment in Times of Crisis. Reflections on Romanian Case Study PDF
Mihaela Victorita Carausan, Ionut-Bogdan Berceanu
Socio-Economic complexity, Fractal dimension and Sustainability of the Regions: Baltic countries case PDF
Agne Beleisyte, Valentinas Snitka
Procedural factors of stability authoritarian regimes: The conceptual framework research PDF
Stanislav Shkel, Eduard Gareev
Fundamentals of forming conformal legal and political consciousness of the European civilization PDF
Elena Kalinina
The use of accounting conservatism in order to reflect the true and the fair view of financial statements in the case of Romanian listed companies PDF
Ioan-Bogdan Robu, Constantin Toma
Our uncertain future: Intrinsic current vulnerabilities of the substitutability hypothesis PDF
Saveanu Mircea
Reform in Local Governments: What Did the New Municipal Law Bring in Turkey?* PDF
Cigdem Akman, Elvettin Akman, Murat Okcu
The SME managerial work: A literature review based in the specificities of small business PDF
Luiz Philippsen Jr., Daniela Rosim, Heloisa Lirani, Edmundo Escrivao Filho
The Brazilian housing policy Minha Casa Minha Vida and its impacts PDF
Veronica Garcia Donoso, Eugenio Fernandes Queiroga
The influence of the Ukrainian conflict on the future European energetic security PDF
Gentimir Razvan Alexandru
Sustainable development and economic growth in European Union PDF
Gentimir Irina-Elena
The Value Relevance of the Financial and Nonfinancial Factors in the Case of Romanian Listed Companies PDF
Mihaela Alina Robu
Public Perceptions About Democratic Culture in the Political Parties of Pakistan: A Case Study of Anp, Pml (N) And Pppp PDF
Syed Ali Shah
Gesture and communicative action in politics PDF
Brindusa-Mariana Amalancei
The Role of School Management in the Prevention of School Violence PDF
Munevver Mertoglu
Indonesia s Crisis Response Strategies: The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 PDF
Junghyun Yoon
Eye Contact in Interpersonal Communication PDF
Brindusa-Mariana Amalancei
The transfer pricing between Romanian listed companies and their related parties in tax havens PDF
Mihai-Bogdan Afrasinei, Iuliana Eugenia Georgescu
Peculiarities of the Maritime sector Policy based on Cluster Formation PDF
Rasa Viederyte
Less for Better: Effects of restructuring public administration on organizational effectiveness PDF
Tatiana-Camelia Dogaru
Changing Process of the Bank of Municipalities in Turkey: Opportunities and Risks PDF
Tanzer Celikturk
Adaptive management a solution for public administration in transformation PDF
Corina-Georgiana Antonovici

ISSN: 2301-2714