Issue 6 (2015): Global Conference on Materials Sciences (GC-MAS-2014)

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Meltem Haksız
Table of Contents PDF
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Dogan
Synthesis of hydrocerussite hexagonal disk and its applications in battery anode PDF
Hengrui Zhou, Kaimin Shih, Minhua Su
Optimization of CNC turning for aluminum alloy using simulated annealing method PDF
Shukry H. Aghdeab, Laith A. Mohammed, Alaa M. Ubaid
Characterization of GaN nanostructures by electron beam techniques. Calculation of thermal effect PDF
Abdelkader Nouiri, Lazhar Leghrib, Redha Aouati
A nonlinear material model for fibrous composite materials and its effect on in-plane lamina stresses PDF
Ghazi A. F. R. Abu-Farsakh
Preparation of (PVA-PEG-PVP-MgO, CoO) nanocomposites and study their optical properties PDF
Ibrahim R. Agool, Ahmed Hashim
Effect of saline environment on properties of adhesive joints PDF
Mustafa El-Musbahi, Ghassan S. El-Masry, Hamza A Khalfalla, Ferhat Kadioglu
Effects of high potential cathodic protection on fusion bond epoxy (Fbe) coated steel PDF
Fawzi ElHamshri, Hamza A. Khalfalla, Mohamed M. Aboabboud
Structural, electronic and optical properties of sodium nitrate NaNO3: An ab initio study PDF
S. Bourahla, S. Kouadri Moustefai
Synthesis of meso porous carbon monolithic via ambient drying PDF
Parnian Kiani, Farhad Golestani Fard
Synthesis, Crystal and Electronic Structures of CdAl4O7 PDF
Hengrui Zhou, Minhua Su, Qingyun Chen, Hengrui Zhou, Chuanmin Meng

ISSN: 2301-2706