Vol 1 (2013)

1st Global Conference on Environmental Studies. August

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Masthead PDF
Meltem Haksız
Journal Information PDF
Meltem Haksiz
International Scientific Committee PDF
Dr. Nehir Varol
Conference Information PDF
Dr. Nehir Varol
Message from the Guest Editors PDF
Dr. Nehir Varol
Table of Contents PDF
Dr. Nehir Varol
Effect of Pesticide Residues on Environmental Health and Climate Change PDF PDF
Jinky Leilanie Lu
Forms, Efficiency and Challenges of Agro-environmental Management in Bulgaria PDF
Hrabrin Bachev
The impact of environmental noise on childrens memory: Are childrens memory capacities more resilient than we think? PDF
Kate Cockcroft, Joseph Seabi, Paul Goldschagg, Michael Greyling
Romanian Structures of Intelligence and International Relations in World War II PDF
Mihai Şerban
Challenges to the Special Intelligence Service of Romania From the Perspective of International Relations in World War II PDF
Mihai Şerban
Measure the speciation by SPME technique for Atrazine PDF
Karim Benhabib, Mouna Chkir, Goussem Mimane
The perception of environmental education and risks in the proposed mining project at Rosia Montana, Romania PDF
Helena Maria Sabo
Campus Bicycle Route Design and Changes in Students Traveling Behavior PDF
Wichitra Singhirunnusorn, Nopadon Sahachaisaeree
Interior Thermal Response within Building Evelope Designed from Concrete Blocks Containing Waste Materials PDF
Wichitra Singhirunnusorn, Nopadon Sahachaisaeree
A Comparative Study on Commercial Quality of Two Gherkin Culture Systems: Conventional and Organic PDF
Helena Maria Sabo, Mariana Florica Bei
Impact of pollutants on museums objects PDF
Haeideh Khamseh
Exploring the New Ecological Paradigm Scale on Environmental Worldviews of Turkish University Students PDF
Nazmiye Erdoğan
Exposure of Adolescents to Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia PDF
Abdelshakour M. Abdalla, Abdalla A. Saeed, Nasser A. Al-Hamdan, Abdulaziz F. Al-Kaabba, Abdulmohsen H. AlZalabani
Sorption equilibrium of selected azo dyes onto low-cost sorbents PDF
Wladyslaw Kaminski, Elwira Tomczak, Slawomir Kuberski
Sorption of azo dye onto plant sorbent in a packed column PDF
Wladyslaw Kaminski, Elwira Tomczak
Environmental Impact Assessment of Doroud Cement Plant on Regional Soils PDF
Peiman Rajabi, Mahdieh Safizadeh, Hamideh Noroozpour
The necessity of Watershed and its role on reduction of droughts damage PDF
Mahdieh Safizadeh, Peiman Rajabi, Hamideh Noroozpour
Study of environmental phenomenon s results by modern systems dynamicity method PDF
Mahdieh Safizadeh, Hamideh Noroozpour, Peiman Rajabi, Nima Nezam Vafa
Recycling by reusing wood-base materials. Modulus of rupture and modulus of elasticity of recovered particleboard and blockboard PDF
Andrea Deák, Marina Cionca, Alin M. Olărescu
Using of Acidic Modified Pumice Stone as an Adsorbent for Removal of Methylen Blue Dye from Aqueous Solutions PDF
Mohammad Ali Baghapour, M. Ranjbar, Z. Derakhshan, M. Faramarzian
(5Ws + How)As an Approach to Increase the Efficiency of Sustainable Design PDF
Dr. Mamdouh I. Zaky
The effects of rhizobial inoculation and nitrogen fertilizer application on nodulation, yield and yield components of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) PDF
Tahsin Sogut, Ferhat Ozturk, Mefhar Gultekin Temiz, Ozlem Toncer, Bihter Zaimoglu Onat
Ionica Şerban, Mihaela Mărginean
Ionica Şerban, Mihaela Mărginean
The effect of urban green space and the risk for cardiovascular death in one year period PDF
Jolanta Stasionyte, Jone Vencloviene, Audrius Dedele, Raimondas Kubilius
Fluoride adsorption on the raw clays PDF
Ayşe Dilek Atasoy, Mehmet Irfan Yesilnacar, Benan Yazici
Biochemical oxygen demand and physiological state of bacteria in seawater microcosms supplemented with gasoline PDF
Ghiță Simona
Arsenic removal from underground water through adsorption onto XAD-7 impregnated resin with mixed extractants PDF
Lavinia Lupa, Mihaela Ciopec, Adina Negrea, Petru Negrea
Managing systemic risk using systems thinking in practice PDF
Martin Reynolds
Causes of different temperature on the surface of sewage sludge based compost prisms PDF
Gergely Hunyad, Brigitta Tóth, Adrienn Ványiné Széles, János Tamás, Csaba Juhász, János Nagy
Two cultures? Working with moral dilemmas in environmental science PDF
Martin Reynolds, Chris Blackmore
Influence of the solid support base impregnated with IL on the sorption of various radionuclides from aqueous solutions PDF
Lavinia Lupa, Adina Negrea, Mihaela Ciopec, Petru Negrea, Andreea Gabor
Perspectives, Opportunities and Limits of Teaching Mathematical Models for Environmental Engineering Students PDF
Éva V. P. Rácz, János Karsai
Removal of pollution indicators from sewage by fixed film bioreactor and sand filter at low temperature PDF
Iffat Naz, Zia Ullah Khan, Naeem Ali, Safia Ahmed
Effects of Occupational Noise Pollution on Kitchen Workers. An Underestimated Environmental Health Issue PDF
Ugur Bilge, Nazan Son, Ahmet Keskin
Assessment of the necessity on determining of road environmental capacity with a focus on air pollution due to the transportations PDF
Daryoush Yousefi Kebria, Gholamreza Darvishi, Farshidreza Haghighi
Aspects regarding the quality management in the Romanian higher education PDF
Elena Condrea, Anca Cristina Stanciu, Mihaela Constandache Dimitrie Cantemir
The motivation of place attachment towards living space experienced by younger schoolchildren PDF
Sofya I. Reznichenko
Teachers Perceptions of Real and Virtual Field Work in Environmental Education PDF
Miro Puhek, Matej Perše, Andrej Šorgo
Environmental education in early education of primary school in Poland in the light of core curriculum and means and methods used by teachers PDF
Justyna Truskolaska
Quantitative and Qualitative Mutations in Romanian Populations Food Consumption Patterns with Implication on Quality of Life PDF
Mihaela Constandache, Anca- Cristina Stanciu, Elena Condrea
Informatics Systems and Environmental Problems Forecasting PDF
Mihai Andronie
Integrated Monitoring System of the Quality of Environmental Factors PDF
Iustin Andronie
Value of work for the development of modern business PDF
Magdalena Łuka
The nature and human being in the Turkic world-view PDF
Talas Omarbekov, Gulnara Khabizhanova, Galiya Iskakova
Simultaneous PHA production and BOD removal in activated sludge PDF
Marzie Fatehi, Seyed Ahmad Ataei
Assessment of Air Pollution by Aromatic Compounds BTEX in Algiers PDF
Kerbachi Rabah, Y. Kerchich, Y. Moussaoui
Adapting to drought and the market economy of the sedentarized mongolian pastoralists PDF
The implementation of the geo-ecological approach to the creation of educational and methodological complex for the course of «Geography of the Republic of Kazakhstan». PDF
Ulzhalgas Yesnazarova, Amangeldy Temirbekov
Algerian Energy Strategy to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions PDF
F. Sahnoune, M. Belhamel, M. Zelmat, R. Kerbachi, M. Boughedaoui
A study of the characteristics of activated carbons produced from waste rubber tire and adsorption of cadmium PDF
Vinod K. Gupta, Tawfik A. Saleh, Abdulaziz A. Al-Saad
Evaluation of urban lost spaces in terms of Responsive Environments: A case study ACPA, Famagusta, North Cyprus PDF
Hourakhsh Ahmad Ni, Rokhsaneh Rahbarianyazd
Sustainable development in historic environment: Adaptive re-use of four historical churches in the Walled city of Famagusta, North Cyprus PDF
Rokhsaneh Rahbarianyazd, Hourakhsh Ahmad Nia, Naciye Doratli
Effect of Bacillus subtilis on aflatoxin PDF
Nguyen Ngoc Hai, Truong Huong Thao, Nguyen Trieu Hoa
The Effect of Urban Heat Island and Environmental Factors on Culture of the Cities; a Case Study Shiraz, Iran PDF
Abdollah Mobaraki, Naciye Doratli, Hourakhsh Ahmadnia, Mojdeh Nikoofam
Drinking Water for Public Consumption: The Call for a Socio-Economic Cost Analysis PDF
Nabsiah Abdul Wahid, Ismail Abustan, Zakaria Abas, Rozita Arshad
Experimental and numerical study of gas-solids flow in a thermal reactor PDF
Ahmed Bellil, Karim Benhabib, Patrice Coorevits, Christophe Marie, Mourad Hazi, Aissa Ould- Dris
Using PC simulation for flow sensitivity analysis with application to a wastewater treatment plant PDF
Panaitescu Mariana, Panaitescu Fanel- Viorel, Panaitescu Ileana- Irina, Enache Iulia- Alina
A study on green product purchases among consumers in the Klang Valley, Malaysia PDF
Siti Haslina Md Harizan, Nabsiah Abdul Wahid, Mahmod Sabri Haron
Cyanide and Mercury Concentrations in Surface Water in a Large Mining Area in the Philippines PDF
Jinky Leilanie Lu
Environmental Education in Lebanese Secondary Classes between Theory and Effectiveness PDF
Toni Kopaly
Adaptation of wastewater treatment industry chemical process technologies PDF
Panaitescu Mariana, Panaitescu Ileana- Irina, Panaitescu Fanel- Viorel, Stan Liviu- Constantin, Iovanel Raluca
Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods for Control of the Student Knowledge PDF
Dauren Kabenov, Raihan Muratkhan, Dina Satybaldina, Bibigul Razahova
Irrational use of water resources of transboundary rivers in Central Asia PDF
Myrzabekov Moldakhmet, Myrzabekova Ryskeldy, Myrzabekova Ryskeldy, Sadykova Raikhan, Sadykova Raikhan
Environmental management systems based on digital images PDF
Maria Andronie
Assessment of climate risk for businesses: the case of Polish organizations PDF
Agnieszka Leszczynska
Investigation of phenol adsorption equilibrium kinetic parameters from a Synthesized Wastewater by GAC PDF
Leila Vafajoo, Amin Ghalebi, Feriya Ghanaat
Analysis of Long Term Bending and Shear Test of Treated and Untreated Spruce PDF
Eva Vahalova, Petr Hlavsa, Karel Suhajda, Miloslav Novotny, Jan Skramlik
Research on the formation of the welded joint and the determination of the environmental impact of the GMAW process PDF
Dumitru Titi Cicic, Gheorghe Amza, Corneliu Rontescu, Sanda Raise, Zoia Apostolescu
Research on the welded joint formation and the determination of the environmental impact of submerged arc welding PDF
Gheorghe Amza, Corneliu Rontescu, Dumitru Titi Cicic, Dragomir Marian Groza, Zoia Apostolescu
Lessons Learnt from an Environmental Catastrophe in Hungary PDF
Ákos Rédey, Tatiana Yuzhakova, Anett Utasi, Zsófia Kovács, János Lakó, József Kovács, Endre Domokos, László Dióssy
Development of Algorithm and Software Tool for Risks Assessment PDF
Raihan Muratkhan, Dina Satybaldina, Bayan Abduraimova, Gulmira Bayenova
The Ecological Problems of Wax Deposits Formation under Production and Storage of Crude Oil PDF
N. B. Kondrikov, N. A. Prokuda, S. V. Sukhoverkhov
Problem of ?leaning Gaseous Products from Tar under Biogas Production PDF
N. B. Kondrikov, M. S. Vasilyeva, V. S. Rudnev, F. Widenmann
Synthesis of Zeolites from Fly Ashes the Industrial Scale PDF
Lidia Bandura, Wojciech Franus, Rafał Panek, Magdalena Wdowin
Comparison of spatial interpolation methods for the estimation of solar radiation in South Korea PDF
Jong-hwa Park, Jin-ki Park
Rice Growth Monitoring Model (RGMM) based on remote sensing techniques in South Korea PDF
Jong-hwa Park, Sang-il Na, Jin-ki Park
Speech user interfaces and contents for e-learning PDF
A. K. Buribayeva, B. Zh. Yergesh, A. S. Mukanova
Semantic Model of an Intellectual E-University for the Environmental Education PDF
A. B. Barlybayev, A. A. Sharipbayev, A. S. Omarbekova
Children s River Expedition Experience: Analysis on Attention, Interest, Desire and Action PDF
Nabsiah Abdul Wahid, Ismail Abustan, Muhammad Hafiz Aziza, Yudi Fernando
Determination of the information level of 7th and 8th graders on global warming PDF
Ozgul Keles, Nilgün Özer, Orhan Aşçi
Mobile early drought warning system PDF
Solomon Negash, Getachew Berhan
Fire danger assessment according to the operative data of space monitoring of forest fires PDF
Elena Sarafanova
Effect of increased hypolimnion water temperature on stability of thermal profiles in stratified lakes PDF
Julita A. Dunalska, Bartłomiej Oszczak, Dariusz Tanajewski, Piotr Gomułka
Durability of environmental condition changes in the water of lake recultivated by different methods PDF
Jolanta Katarzyna Grochowska, Renata Brzozowska, Renata Tandyrak
The Implementation of the Environmental Management System at the Level of Companies in Romania in the Context of Sustainable Development PDF
Elena Condrea, Danut Tiberius Epure, Gabriela Stanciu, Anca Cristina Stanciu
Assessment of the effects of volcanic ash/dust clouds on aircraft safety PDF
Dragos Isvoranu, Sterian Danaila, Octavian Thor Pleter
Legal Regulation of the Ecological Safety and Environmental Protection in the Republic of Kazakhstan PDF
Oryntayev ZH.K.
Criminal liability for environmental crimes in the Republic of Kazakhstan: state and prospects of the issue PDF
S. Kussainov
Legal Regulation in Industrial and Consumer Waste Management in the Republic of Kazakhstan PDF
Anar Mukasheva, Guldana Sharapatova, Moldir Khassenova
Comparison of removal phosphorus (TP and SRP) by polyaluminium chlorides (PAX 18 and ALCAT modified by polyelectrolytes) laboratory experiment PDF
Izabela M. Bigaj, Julita A. Dunalska, Daniel Szymaoski, Rafał Zielioski
GIS application in water resources management and environmental engineering PDF
Loredana Mariana Crenganiş, Marius Telişcă
Formation of the ecological concepts at the lessons of the Russian language in technical institutions PDF
Annel Baktybayeva, Zhanar Zhardamaliyeva, Nazym Menshukova, Gibadat Orynchanova
Environemntal Air Monitoring in City of Veszprem in cooperation with the graduate students of School of Environmental Engineering, University of Pannonia PDF
Veronika Vincze- Csom, Endre Domokos, Pál Bui Georgina Nagy, Ákos Rédey
Aluminum treatment of low alkaline lake waters buffered with calcium carbonate laboratory investigations PDF
Michał Łopata, Renata Brzozowska, Grzegorz Wiśniewski
The use of surface water flow to improve oxygen conditions in a hypertrophic lake PDF
Michał Łopata, Grzegorz Wiśniewski
Migration of heavy metals at the interaction package food-stuff storage time PDF
Buculei Amelia, Constantinescu Gabriela
On-line monitoring of the water pollution using Robotic Water Analyser (RWA) PDF
Zsófia Kovács, Szilárd Kovács, Tatiana Yuzhakova, László Dióssy, Dr. Ákos Rédey
Variation of phosphorus forms in lakes with different basin land use PDF
Rafał Zielioski, Julita Dunalska, Jolanta Grochowska, Izabela Bigaj, Daniel Szymaoski
Seasonal changes of total carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus concentration in the near-bottom and intestitial water of three deep, stratified urban lakes PDF
Renata Brzozowska, Julita Dunalska, Zofia Filipkowska
A New Modified Electrode Based on Poly(3,3 diaminobenzidine) Poly(3methylthiophene) Copolymer Film for Amperometric Determination of Catechol PDF
Muammer Kavanoz, Emine Ülker, Ufuk Bük
Importance of Manure Management PDF
John Morken, Zehra Sapci
Developing holistic climate services for local farmers in Mozambique PDF
Jaakko Helminen, Silvia Gaiani, Ansa Helminen, Antonio Leao, Erkki Sutinen
Exposure of Adolescents to Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia PDF
Abdelshakour M. Abdalla, Abdalla A. Saeed, Nasser A. Al-Hamdan, Abdulaziz F. Al-Kaabba, Abdulmohsen H. AlZalabani
The nature of language symbols: on the bases of Kazakh literature PDF
Umit Anessova
Marketing research regarding the degree of accessibility of the touristic products commercialized in the city of Sulina for the Romanian tourists PDF
Nenciu Daniela Simona, Oncioiu Ionica
The role of ecoefficency & ecoeffectiveness in electronics sustainability PDF
Vasile N. Popa, Luminia I. Popa
Environment mental representation: a study with children 8-9 years old PDF
Paola Nicolini, Sabrina Pandolfi
The Role of Air Pollution in the Decline and Excess Mortality of Oaks in the western Iran PDF
Ali Badragheh
Greenly Magazine A modern educational project for a better environment PDF
Valentina- Mariana Mănoiu
Underwater acoustic field modeling of the noise emitted by a rig tender PDF
Gheorghe Amza, Mihai Arsene
Substrate transport in biofilm for wastewater treatment PDF
Renata Nagy, Endre Nagy
Using GIS technique in evaluation of a terrain affected by heavy metal pollution PDF
Pavel Vasile Lucian, Biali Gabriela, Stătescu Florian
Turbidity and suspended solids as affected by the sampling procedure under the same rainfall event in a water channel PDF
Syed Muzzamil Hussain Shah, Khamaruzaman Wan Yusof, Zahiraniza Mustaffa, Ahmad Mustafa Hashim, Amir Ehsan
Comparing Alternative Sustainable Waste Treatment Streams for Poultry Feathers and Their Potential Applicability in Ontario Province, Canada PDF
Behjat Amirmohsen
Investigation of land use and chemical fertilizers usage on polluting of Khorramabad's aquifers PDF
Mahdieh Safizadeh, Peiman Rajabi, Hamideh Noroozpour
Degradation of some pharmaceuticals during sewage sludge composting PDF
Egge Haiba, Merike Lillenberg, Karin Kipper, Koit Herodes
Ignorance is bliss - South African consumers idealistic demands for perfect fresh produce amidst concerns over climate change PDF
Nadéne JMM Marx-Pienaar, Prof Alet C Erasmus
Influence of the Lithuanian sea industry on natural environment of Smelte peninsula PDF
Ramunė Olšauskaitė Urbonienė
Development of corporate information portal of quality management of higher education in Republic of Kazakhstan with the use of cloud technology PDF
Zhuzbayev Serik, Juzbayeva Bakhyt
Mathematical models of synthesis module units of conceptual level complex system PDF
Zhuzbayev Serik, Juzbayeva Bakhyt
Applications Of Nanotechnology In Environmental Engineering PDF
Farshad Golbabaei Kootenaei, Hasan Aminirad, Maedeh Ramezani, Naser Mehrdadi
Problems of Renewable Energy Sources Use in the Republic of Kazakhstan (within EXPO 2017) PDF
Anar Mukasheva, Guldana Sharapatova, Muslim Khassenov
The assonance in the works of A.Kunanbayev and G.Byron PDF
M. Kozhakanova, I. Azimbayeva, L. Mussaly
Issue Of Establishing Environmental Courts In The Republic Of Kazakhstan PDF
Kaskeyeva Ainagul Zarlykovna
Investigation the Effectiveness of Ultrasonic Radiation in Anaerobic Waste Activated Sludge Decomposition PDF
Gokhan Civelekoglu, Benan Yazici, Z. Ilkay Isguder, Suleyman Taflan, Bahar Ikizoglu
Recreational pressure and its influence on the southern Primorye sea coast PDF
E. G. Soboleva, Y. A. Galysheva
Legal Regulation in Industrial and Consumer Waste Management in the Republic of Kazakhstan PDF
Anar Mukasheva, Guldana Sharapatova, Moldir Khassenova
Research of the Impact on Efficiency of Waste Vegetable and Food Processing on the Quality of the Environment in the North-East Region of Romania PDF
Steluta Radu, Cristina Dorneanu, Mihaela Constandache, Ștefan -Lucian Toma
Pollution and income growth: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis PDF
Saoussen Aguir Bargaoui, Naoufel Liouane, Fethi Zouheir Nouri
Change Obstacles in School Organization Management PDF
Simona Eftimie, Alina Mărgăriţoiu, Roxana Enache
Problems of protection of citizens rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan, living in areas of ecological disaster PDF
Nazgul Mukasheva
Negative role of Quran in Environmental Crisis: Claim or fact? PDF
Mohsen Nouraei, Morteza Khorrami
Iranian Traditional Architecture and Energy Saving (CASE STUDY: Shiraz Ghajar Houses) PDF
Najmeh Najafi
Magnetic materials for clean environment energy applications PDF
Sabri Ghoutia Naima, Sabri Fatima Zohra, Sabri Samira
Determining the effective function for a water flow control system PDF
Carina- Elena Stegaroiu, Valentin Stegaroiu
Assess the environmental impacts of construction and operation of highway Khorram-Zal PDF
Mahdieh Safizadeh, Peiman Rajabi, Hamideh Noroozpour
A study of the extent of attention to inclusion of environmental components in the textbooks of general courses intended for Bachelors' students in Iranian universities PDF
Mohsen Farmahini Farahani, Zeanab Mahdavi, Samaneh Naghipoor
Legislation Concerns Regarding Animal Protection in Certain European Countries PDF
Florin Fainisi, Iustin Andronie
Semantic groups of gestures and facial expressions in the Kazakh language and parameans translation PDF
Umit Anessova, Bagdan Momynova
Importance of Environmental Education to Achievement of Sustainable Development PDF
Sibel Erkal, Nihan Gürsoy
The Impact of Filler Material on Fillet Welds, Fatigue Life and Stress in MAG Welding PDF
Claudiu Babis, Oana Chivu, Gheorghe Amza, Dan Dobrota, Gheorghe Solomon, Dan Nitoi
Coastal resource use and management on Kilwa Island, southern Swahili Coast, Tanzania PDF
Ryo Nakamura
Red mud waste storage problems, solution and utilization alternatives PDF
Tatiana Yuzhakova, Ákos Rédey, Zsófia Kovács, Anett Utasi, Istvan Ráduly, László Dióssy, Lenke Ráduly, József Fazakas
Impacts of traffic roundabout construction on air quality in Veszprém, Hungary PDF
Ákos Rédey, Helga Leitold, Réka Bruchner, Endre Domokos
General level of organic matter in the marine coastal environment of the Russian part of the Sea of Japan and modeling of macrobenthos characteristics changes PDF
Yuliya A. Galysheva, Alexey A. Somov

ISSN: 2301-2706