Issue 7 (2015): 2nd World Conference on Health Sciences (H-SCI 2015)

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Masthead PDF
Meltem Haksız
Table of Contents PDF
Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Sadikoglu
Morphological quantification of myocardial pathology in the Zucker diabetic fatty rat PDF
Abdulwahab Abuderman
Assessment of air pollution effects in the subjects of Khartoum industrial area, Sudan via cytological interpretations PDF
Osman EM, Rahmani AH, Babiker AY, Moammed Abbass, Abdulwahab Abuderman, Alsammani MA, Ahmad HG
Predicting the Negative Emotional Symptoms in Relatives of Patients Residing in Intensive Care Unit PDF
Nidal F. Eshah, Ahmad H. Rayan
The Importance of Family Centered Care and Assessment PDF
Burcu Aykanat Girgin, Birsen Bilgen Sivri
Effect of job and individual factors on Work Ability Index (WAI) in a dairy company PDF
Haji Omid Kalte, Mohammad Ali Mirzaei, Jamshid Yazdani Cherati
Curcumin: The miraculous golden ingredient of Indian saffron Indrani PDF
Indrani Kalkan
The effect of informing mothers on level of anxiety in day surgery of children PDF
Aysun Yılmaz, Mevlit Korkmaz
Determination of the satisfaction and motivation levels in a group of nursing students PDF
Ilkay Culha, Nedime Kosgeroglu, Aysun Yılmaz, Alaettin Unsal
Evaluation of important factors in accepts or reject of upper limb prosthesis in children PDF
Meria Yazdani, Mohammad Kamali
Theses Prepared In the Field of Public Health and Features Between The Years 2008-2013 in Turkey PDF
Funda Ozpulat
Can motivational interview techniques be used as an effective method on increasing the compliance of hypertensive individuals with treatment? PDF
Funda Ozpulat, Duygu Karataş Oztaş
The Correlation Between Manners of Conflict and Manners of Communication of Nurses in Emergency Room. Case Study: A Study of Conflict Welding Communication PDF
Umran Celik Barmakci, Funda Ozpulat
The nursing theses prepared in Turkey and characteristics of them PDF
Funda Ozpulat, Umran Celik Barmakci
Percentage depth dose (PDD) and Beam profile measurements using CT based MAGAT gel dosimetry system and Monte Carlo calculation PDF
Mohammad Aljamal, Ahmad Zakaria
Evaluation of Effects of Nutrition Training Provided for the Male Prisoners and Convicted on Their Behaviours and Attitudes PDF
Mukaddes Ors
Identifying Ergonomic Risk Factors in Bank PDF
Safiye Ozvurmaz, Aliye Mandiracioglu
The impact of physical activity and exercise on obesity PDF
Mouissi Farid, Torki Ahmed, Sba Bouabdellah
Human Thermal Comfort Situation in the Goller (Lakes) District of Turkey PDF
Yuksel Guclu
An assessment of the effects of widespread use of mobile applications in the health sector: an exploratory study of its success and failures PDF
Nadire Cavus, Rudo Muriel Munyavi
Social impact assessment process for an efficient socio-economic transformation towards poverty alleviation and sustainable development PDF
Vijayan Gurumurthy Iyer
Innovation in Nursing Practices PDF
Dilek Kara
Euthanasia: Analysis for the Concept from Islamic Perception PDF
Ahmad Hussien Rayan, Abdulkarim Alzayyat, Malek Mohammad Khalil
Determination of descriptive characteristics of children with apendectomy surgery and related factors PDF
Birsen Bilgen Sivri, Serap Balcı, Zeynep Erkut, Özlem Metreş, Burcu Aykanat Girgin
Dietary habits of Turkish adolescents in Konya, Turkey PDF
Indrani Kalkan, Ayşe Sonay Türkmen, Emel Filiz
Determination of the level of knowledge and attitudes of mothers regarding vitamin d use in Konya PDF
Zeynep Çiçek, Indrani Kalkan, Birsen Bilgen Sivri

ISSN: 2301-2706