Vol 3 (2013): 3rd World Conference on Information Technology (WCIT-2012)

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Journal Information PDF
Meltem Haksız
Conference Information PDF
Prof. Dr. Hafize Keser
Message From The Guest Editors PDF
Prof. Dr. Hafize Keser
International Scientific Committee PDF
Prof. Dr. Hafize Keser
Prof. Dr. Hafize Keser
A New Feature Extraction Technique for HIV-1 Protease Cleavage Site Analysis PDF
Murat Gok, Ahmet Turan Ozcerit, Ayhan Istanbullu
Hybrid Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization and Ant Colony Optimization for Variable Selection. Application to Near Infrared Spectroscopy PDF
Carlos Cernuda, Edwin Lughofer, Wolfgang Märzinger, Wolfram Summerer
Video Streaming with Raptor Codes PDF
Ersan Okatan, Aylin Kantarci
A Novel Approach to Cloud Computing in the Context of Modelling the Business Ecosystem: The Case of Albania PDF
Mehmet Zirek, Ozcan Asilkan, V. Raju Mullagiri
An Efficient Audio Translation Approach between SIP and RSW Protocols PDF
Hadeel Saleh Haj Aliwi, Saleh Ali Alomari, Putra Sumari
Epileptic EEG Classification Based on Rough Set Approach PDF
Yılmaz Kaya, Ramazan Tekin, Necmettin Sezgin, M. Emin Tagluk
Learning to Develop and use Software Products: Some Common Aspects of Educational Preparation of Mathematicians and Schoolteachers PDF
N. V. Kuznetsov, S. Abramovich, S. V. Kuznetsov, G. A. Leonov, V. V. Onosovsky, S. M. Seledzhi
The Application and Design of Computer-Assisted Education Environment in the Matter of Electricity in our Life PDF
Ufuk Coruh, Nilgun Incereis, Emine Ozdamar
Energy Efficient Hierarchical Reliable Transport Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Prabhudutta Mohanty, Manas Ranjan Kabat
Measuring Knowledge Transfer of Wireless Healthcare Applications in Malaysian Rural Area: A Case Study in Malaysian Northern Region PDF
Noraziah ChePa, Massudi Mahmudin, Mawarny Md Rejab, Rosmadi Bakar, Ahmad Tajudin Baharin
Highly Reliable Human-Being Personality's Multi-Biometric Authentication to Support Citizens Interaction PDF
Timur Saatdinovich Kartbayev, V. Volchihin, Bahytzhan Srazhatdinovich Akhmetov, Aleksandr Ivanov, Aleksandr Malygin
Multicriteria Problems of Information System Designing PDF
Nabiyeva Gulnaz, Kaziyev Galym, Kalizhanova Aliya, Kalenova Bakitgul, Kartbayev Timur, Kozbakova Ainur, Mukazhanov Nurzhan
The Impact of Technological Innovations on Urban Spatial Structure PDF
H Filiz Alkan Meshur
Designing and Production of a Program Education Software for Asthma Prevention and its Efficacy Role on Asthmatics Among Effected Children PDF
faramarz malekian, Zhaleh Jahanpour, Fariborz Malekian
Implementation of Key Performance Indicators Monitoring System Online Assessment in a Malaysian Public University PDF
Uma Devi Vetriveilmany, Phua Kia Kien, Balakrishnan Muniandy, Ong Saw Lan
Information Technologies in Distance Learning in Higher Education in Russia PDF
Zhanna Mingaleva, Vasiliy Stegniy, Galina Chernovalova
Media Literacy Educational Needs Assessment Emong Kermanshah Islamic Azad University Faculty Members PDF
faramarz malekian, Fariborz Malekian, Fariborz Malekian
Congestion Management in South East Europe (SEE) in Integration Process of Turkish and European Electricity Systems by Using Flow-Based Coordinated Auction Methodology PDF
Hakkı Ozata, Musa Aydin
Tasks and Principles of Complex Objects Coordination Resources Control PDF
Uskenbayeva Raisa, Kuandykov Abu, Kalizhanova Aliya, Nabiyeva Gulnaz, Kartbayev Timur, Kuandykov Aibol, Kozbakova Ainur
Step Topology for Static Interconnection of Computer Systems under Distributed Environment PDF
Taskeen Zaidi, Vipin Saxena
ICT and Students Learning Styles PDF
Blanka Frydrychová Klímová, Petra Poulova, Milič Silvestr Jedlička
A Flexible Model of the ICT-Supported Educational Process Reflecting Individual Learning Styles PDF
Petra Poulova, Ivana Šimonova, Pavel Kriz
The Role of Reference Models for System Development PDF
Ela Sibel Bayrak Meydanoglu
Digital Pedagogy Using Social Network Tools in Architectural Education PDF
Havva Alkan Bala, Yavuz Arat
Architectural Design and Realization for Management of end Point DLP PDF
Murat Topaloglu, Erdem Ucar, Ilhan Umut
Learner-Tutor Communication in Online English Courses PDF
Ivana Šimonova
Analyses of Factors Creating Coronary Artery Disease Susceptibility with Logistic Regression Method PDF
Kemal Akyol, Elif Calik, Baha Sen
Technophobia in universities: To be or not to be, this is the problem... PDF
Yashar Salamzadeh, Ali Reza Mirakhori, Leila Mobaraki, Hassan Zabeti Targhi
Factors Affecting Success of IT Projects in Northern Cyprus PDF
Arash Izadpanah, Mustafa Ilkan
Defining a new Heuristic that Optimizes the A* Search Method Applied to Solve the 15-Puzzle PDF
Anca Elena Iordan
A Mobile Product Recognition System for Visually Impaired People with IPhone 4 PDF
Nilufer Yurtay, Sait Çelebi, Ayse Bilge Gunduz, Yucel Bicil
A New Approach in the Design of a Didactic Software Used for the Bipartite Graphs Study PDF
Anca Elena Iordan, Manuela Panoiu
A Comparative Perspective on e-government in Romania and Spain PDF
Ani Matei, Iulia Grigorovici
The Relation Between Thinking Styles And Innovation Attraction Among Higher Education Students PDF
faramarz malekian, Maryam Kanaany, Fariborz Malekian
Tuning of Typical Fuzzy PID Controllers Using PSO PDF
H. Boubertakh, S. Labiod, M. Tadjine
Hidden Surface Removal Using BSP Tree with CUDA PDF
Murat Uysal, Baha Sen, Canan Celik
Effect of Tagged-Terms on Web Page Classification Accuracy PDF
Havva Esin Unal, Selma Ayse Ozel, Ilker Unal
Facebook Usage in Terms of Gender and Romantic Relationship Status PDF
Mine Muyan, Gokce Sancak Aydin, Ayhan Demir
Design and Implementation of a Real Time Short Message Service Based Wireless Control System for Automating Home Appliances PDF
Abdel Ilah Alshbatat, Qais Alsafasfeh
Axiomatic Foundation of Formal Management System of Compound Objects PDF
G. Bektemyssova, A. Kuandykov
Fresh Poultry Meat Traceability System Architecture PDF
Ionut Anica Popa
Classification of Disturbance Signals Using Partitioned Feature-Based Classifier PDF
Jiho Han, Dong Chul Park, Soo Young Min
Super Specific Tool for Item Analysis: A Preliminary Study PDF
Chan Yuen Fook, Gurnam Kaur Sidhu, Farhana Wan Yunus, Azma Ab. Hamid, Rosna Awang Hashim
Hierarchical Approach for Outlier Insensitive Seed Selection in K-means Clustering Using Kd-tree PDF
Damodar Reddy Edla, Prasanta K. Jana
Inter-Organizational Information Systems and Food Traceability PDF
Ionut Anica-Popa
Survey on the Introduction of Open Educational Resources (OER) in Spanish Higher Education PDF
Covadonga Rodrigo San Juan, Julio González Arias, Raquel Arguedas Sanz, Rodrigo Martín García
GIS as a Supporting Tool in Analysis of the Spatial Distribution of Economic Activities PDF
Marian Dardala, Adriana Reveiu
Design of an Experimental Platform for Semantics-Based Product Search in the Furniture Industry: SEMCONCEPT PDF
Rodrigo Lozano Suaza, Teresa Magal Royo, Begoña Jordá Albiñana
Adapting Programming Self-Efficacy Scale in Turkish PDF
Ozgen Korkmaz, Halis Altun
Computer and Electrical & Electronic Engineering Students' Attitude Towards Cooperative Learning PDF
Ozgen Korkmaz, Halis Altun
Technology for the Application Based on Ajax PDF
Ing Zdeněk Mlčoch
Next Generational Applications Supporting the Planning Phase of Projects PDF
Judit Kiss
Conceptualization of an Experimental Ontology for the Engineering Design of New Industrial Products PDF
Rodrigo Lozano Suaza, Jose Antonio Diego-Mas, Teresa Magal Royo
The 3R s for Reengineering using IT PDF
Gratiela D. Boca
Comparison of Similarity and Dissimilarity-Based Clustering in Automotive Industry Customer Segmentation PDF
Cem Sumengen, Gulgun Kayakutlu
Automatically Forecasting Magazine Demands and Modeling Seasonality PDF
Erkam Guresen, Abdullah Aktel
Topology of Constructive Neural Network Algorithms PDF
Erkam Guresen, Gulgun Kayakutlu
Software Platform for Statistical Time Series Structuring and Analysis PDF
Kolyo Onkov, Diana Stoyanova
Technology-Based ELT in the Algerian Context of Higher Education: Authenticity of the Teaching/Learning Practice PDF
Naouel Abdellatif Mami
Study About the Estimation of the System Parameters at the Implementation of SAP Web Applications PDF
Adela Diana Berdie, Mihaela Osaci, Gelu Oprişa
The Determination of a Balancing Algorithm for Architectures Based on Asymmetrical Cell BE Processors PDF
Cristian Andy Tanase, Vasile Gheorghita Gaitan
Emerging Technologies to Improve the Quality of Healthcare Delivery PDF
Cristina Elena Turcu, Cornel Octavian Turcu, Tudor Ioan Cerlinca
OntoCompetence: An Ontology Model to Evaluate Competence PDF
Magdalena Cantabella, Andrés Muñoz, Alberto Caballero
Matlab Graphical user Interface for Understanding and Study Artificial Neural Networks PDF
Manuela Panoiu, Anca Iordan, Caius Panoiu, Ionel Muscalagiu
Harmonics Analysis of the 3-Phase Electric Arc Furnace Using Models of the Electric Arc PDF
Loredana Ghiormez, Manuela Panoiu, Caius Panoiu
Application of Softcomputing in Bioinformatics PDF
Michal Gréč
Dictionary and Pattern-Based Recognition of Organization Names in Russian News Texts PDF
V. D. Solovyev, R. M. Gareev, V. V. Ivanov
Improved Dynamic Time Warping for Robust 3D Hand Gesture Recognition PDF
Tudor Ioan Cerlinca
The Development of Multimedia Aided Materials for Teaching Introductory Computing Courses in the National University of Samoa PDF
Edna Temese Ualesi, Satoru Ozawa, Atsushi Minato, Alno Iutisone Ualesi, Elisapeta Mauai
Estimation Algorithm for Angle and Velocity of Grip end in Golf Swing by using an Acceleration Sensor and Gyro Sensor PDF
Hiroshi Negoro, Masahiko Ueda, Yosuke Kurihara, Kajiro Watanabe
Evaluation and Practical use of Pressure Pulse Wave Meter Using a Directional Condenser Microphone PDF
Yosuke Kurihara, Hiroshi Negoro, Yuhei Matsunaga, Kajiro Watanabe
Fuzzy-Decision Making in Business Process Modeling PDF
Jaroslav Sevcik, Frantisek Hunka
Elevator Simulator Design and Determining the Worst Type of Traffic PDF
M. Fatih Adak, Zeynep Adak
Supplier Influence in Intelligent Delivery Schedules PDF
Esra Kahyaoglu, Gokcen Turkel, Gulgun Kayakutlu
Evaluation and Analyzing of Enterprise Architecture Extensibility PDF
Raouf Khayami
Improving the Nearest Neighbor Classifier Using Genetic Algorithm and Adaptive Distance Measure PDF
Elham Parvinnia
The Purpose and Potential of Clusters: Theoretical Background and a Case Study PDF
Tereza Otčenášková, Karolína Kolerová
Developing an Early Warning System for Currency Crises in Turkey PDF
Cuneyt Sevim, Ozkan Bali, Serkan Gumus, Erkam Guresen
Applied Additional Intelligence into the Client Honeypot for Handling Turing Test PDF
Roza Honarbakhsh, Hamid Mohammadzadeh.e.n, Shohreh Honarbakhsh
The Mediating Effects of Information and Communication Technology on PISA 2009 Electronic Reading Literacy: A Comparison Between South Korea and Spain PDF
Sun Geun Baek, HyeJi Kil, Kyungin Park
Securing Routing Protocols in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks PDF
Defta (Ciobanu) Costinela Luminita
Proposed Algorithm for Solving Queries in a Dynamic System of Distributed Databases PDF
Ciobanu (Iacob) Nicoleta Magdalena
Harmonization of Geospatial Data PDF
Sarka Hoskova Mayerova, Vaclav Talhofer, Marian Rybansky
Hyperstructures in Social Sciences PDF
Šárka Hošková Mayerová, Antonio Maturo
Integration of Information Acquired from Industrial Processes in a Data Server Based on OPC.NET Specification PDF
Ioan Ungurean, Vasile Gheorghita Gaitan, Nicoleta Cristina Gaitan
Combined Method of Knowledge Acquisition for Constructing DMSS PDF
Hanna Karkanitsa, Natallia Dzeyeva
Command Algorithms for an 8x8x8 LED Cube Using Data Acquisition Board PDF
Raluca Rob, Caius Panoiu, Manuela Panoiu
RGB Rubik Cube Control Using LabVIEW PDF
Caius Panoiu, Raluca Rob, Manuela Panoiu
Promoting the Nano - Technology Concepts in secondary Science Education Through ICT Tools the Romanian and Turkish teachers Perception PDF
Laura Monica Gorghiu, Gabriel Gorghiu, Zuhal Yılmaz Dogan, Pelin Gerceker
Social Computing in Information Systems Documentation PDF
Petra Poulova, Miloslava Cerna, Viktor Zerzán
Valences of multimedia technologies in Romanian pre-primary and primary education PDF
Gabriel Gorghiu, Laura Monica Gorghiu
Enabling High-Level Compiler Optimizations in Retargetable Low-Level Contexts PDF
Lavinia Ghica, Bogdan Ditu, Dragos Badea
Training Algorithm for Neuro-Fuzzy Network Based on Singular Spectrum Analysis PDF
Yulia Maslennikova, Bochkarev Bochkarev
Ionospheric Total Electron Content Maps Classification PDF
Inna Petrova, Ruslan Latipov
Constructing Forward-Secure Identity-Based Encryption from Identity-Based Binary Tree Encryption PDF
Yang Lu, Jiguo Li
2-Approximation Algorithms for Weighted Hypergraph Embedding in a Cycle Rings PDF
Xiaoshan Liu, Qi Wang
Nonexistences of the Packing and Covering Designs for the Join Graph of 1 K and 4 C with a Pendent Edge PDF
Xiaoshan Liu, Qi Wang
A Petri-net Model for Formal Modeling of WS-BPEL Processes PDF
Jia Li, Yunni Xia, Xin Luo
Three-Layer EPR Management System Architecture and Development Based on B/S Mode PDF
Yan Cao, Lina Yang, Yanli Yang
Interpolation in Riemannian Manifolds with Geometric Continuity PDF
Zhongxuan Luo, Qian Wang
A Virtualization Resource Management Platform of Cloud Computing Based on the Xen PDF
Fang Wei, Xian Xuefeng, Ma Haiyang
The Design and Implement of Mobile Heath Management Software Base on the Android Platform PDF
Yuanqing Liu, Minghui Wu, Honglun Hou
A Hybrid Approach to Multicast Data Origin Authentication PDF
Jinxin He
A Method of Predicting News Update Time Combining Exponential Smoothing and Naive Bayes
Mengmeng Wang, Xianglin Zuo, Ying Wang, Wanli Zuo
Teaching Information Study of Electronic Commerce Website Design Lesson PDF
Xinwei Zheng, Xiaoyun Wu, Zhibin Yuan
Neuronal Edge Detection with Median Filtering and Gradient Sharpening PDF
Jiong Yang, Jie Yuan, Xiaogang Shen
A Baysian Network Based Intelligent Plant Classification System PDF
Xia Jing
Biological Texts Semantic Parsing PDF
Jiong Yang, Jie Feng, Jiong Yang
Extracting Top Hot Hits in Biomedicine from PubMed PDF
Yong Zhou
Biology Research Based on Adequately Used NCBI PDF
Jiong Yang, Jiong Yang
Design and Implementation of Multiple Pathways Integration PDF
Yuxuan Wang, Fei Zhu
Mining Out Hot Points in Biomedicine PDF
Yuxuan Wang, Fei Zhu
A New Decision Tree Classification Approach for Extracting Urban Land from Landsat TM in a Coastal City, China PDF
Lizhong Hua, Wang Man, Qiong Wang, Xiaofeng Zhao
Single-channel Color Image Encryption Based on Iterative Fractional Fourier Transform PDF
Sui Liansheng, Gao Bo, Wang Wengang
Information Fusion Solution Based on Semantic in Multi Sensor System PDF
Chen Junhua
The Intuitionistic Fuzzy Rough Sets Model Over two Different Universes PDF
Xu Weihua, Luo Shuqun
Optimistic Multi-granulation Fuzzy Rough Sets on Tolerance Relations PDF
Xu Weihua, Wang Qiaorong, Luo Shuqun
An Intelligent System to Assessing Information Systems Security Risks in Electronic Business PDF
Nan Feng, Jing Xie, Peng Chang
A Conceptual Model of Impact Analysis for Requirements Change PDF
Marfizah Abdul Rahman, Rozilawati Razali, Dalbir Singh
Design of Human Machine Interface for GNSS Devices PDF
Dalibor Bartoněk, Irena Opatřilová
Application of Fourier Transform on Precision Computation of Digital Terrain Model PDF
Dalibor Bartoněk
Eternity of Medieval Principles at the Information Age PDF
Miloslava Cerna, Petra Poulova
An Outcome Evaluation Study on Internet Addiction PDF
Seher Ozcan, Sahin Gokcearslan
Technological Innovations in Medicine PDF
Marjan Laal
Performance analysis of the database PDF
Monika Simkova, Petra Poulova
Efficient encryption method of wideband speech signals in packet networks PDF
Imene Bouhmadouche, Fatiha Merazka
Identification of critical places of database machine with using of expert rules PDF
Monika Simkova, Petra Poulova
Explanation of the role of culture, leadership styles and organizational learning in strategic thinking PDF
Sakineh Hatami, Hossein Dastar, Taghi Vahidi, Yashar Salamzadeh
Speech Encryption and Decryption Using Linear Feedback Shift Register for CELP Coders in Packet Networks PDF
Imene Bouhmadouche, Assana Diawara, Imene Bouhmadouche
Determination of Losses in Water-Networks Using a New Fuzzy Technique (SMRGT) PDF
Z. Fuat Toprak, Mehmet Songur, Nizamettin Hamidi, Hasip Gulsever
Diagnosing apnea using extreme learning machine with bicoherence features of snore signals PDF
Necmettin SEZGİN, M. Emin Tagluk
Internet and cyberbully children PDF
Burcu Karabulut Coşkun, Seher Özcan, Ömer Faruk Ursavaş
Active usage of ICT in jewellery art design courses PDF
Burcu Karabulut Coşkun, Metin Coşkun
Extremal algebra used in communication strategies PDF
Hana Tomaskova
Agent-based model of carrying capacity of Celtic settlement agglomeration PDF
Kamila Olševičová, Richard Cimler
Analysis Simulation of aircraft disembarking methods PDF
Richard Cimler, Kamila Olševičová
The effect of educational technology on pre-service teachers self-efficacy PDF
Fatma Alkan, Emine Erdem
Evaluation of the basic technology competency of teacher candidates according to their personal innovativeness PDF
Canan Koçak, Ayşem Seda Önen
The implementation of the use of audio podcasts at UNISA: staff development programme PDF
Antonia Makina, Azwy Tshivhase, Maria Madiope
Thinking-Understanding approach in IT maintenance domain automation PDF
Maxim Talanov, Alexander Toshchev, Andrey Krehov, Dr. Airat Khasianovd
Information technology and the survival of old declining products: A case study PDF
Francesco Schiavone, Rocco Agrifoglio
Studies on the Web Dynpro ABAP dynamic programming of the graphical interface versus the programming in design mode PDF
Mihaela Osaci, Adela Diana Berdie, Szemciuk Istvan
An incrmental protocol approach for secure collaboration between Byzantine processes in heterogeneous distributed processing systems PDF
Dharavath Ramesh, Chiranjeev Kumar
Examination of self-regulated learning strategies in programming languages courses PDF
Sinan KAYA
Use of Modelling Roles in Internet and Mobile Communications PDF
Hana Tomaskova, Monika Simkova
Internal Factor Evaluation: An Application of Opinion Mining PDF
Mohammad Reza Gholamian, Samaneh Mazidi SharafAbadi
Keeping Brands Moving. Putting Social Media to the Test: How the FMCG Industry Uses Social Networks for Creating Brand Awareness PDF
Birgit Oberer, Alptekin Erkollar
Nonlinear analysis of chaotic Lü s system oscillator PDF
Metin Varan, Yılmaz Uyaroğlu
Designing a Web Interface for Nonlinear Analysis of Chaotic Oscillators PDF
Yilmaz Uyaroglu, Metin Varan
Use of Information and Communication Technology in Spanish School Libraries PDF
Mònica Baró, Teresa Mañà, Inés Miret, Inmaculada Vellosillo, Àlex Cosials
Impact of Sleep Mode on Energy Dissipation in Wireless Sensor Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Zeydin Pala
Identification of Factors Affecting Kazakhstani Students Language Choice in Surfing University Intranet PDF
Aidyn Aldaberdikyzy
Latency Evaluations in the Setup and Authentication Phases of Centralized WLAN Hotspot Networks PDF
Shariq Haseeb, Mohd Ariff Abdullah, M. Hasbullah Mazlan, Siti Norhaizum Mohamad Hasnan, Mohammed Abobakr Ahmed Balfaqih, Sridhar Sivanand
The Development of Applications Using Computer Image Steganography Algorithm PDF
Rosziati Ibrahim
The Effect of Cloud Computing in Societies PDF
Ali Mohammed, Mustafa Ilkan
Textual vs. Visual Programming - a Survey of Undergraduate Students PDF
Grzegorz Polaków, Mieczyslaw Metzger, Anna Gacka
Proposition of a Participative Approach for the Information Risk Control: Application to Industrial Procedures Improvement PDF
Mouda Mohamed, Djebabra Mebarek
Forecasting Volatility of Stock Market Based on Fuzzy Switch ANFIS-GARCH Model PDF
Jui- Chung Hung
Random Walks in Corpora Networks PDF
Peng Tang
ICT as a motivational factor in the teaching of English at elementary schools PDF
Jaroslav Kacetl, Blanka Frydrychova Klimova
ICT as a vital part of preparing students for internships at foreign institutions PDF
Jaroslav Kacetl, Blanka Frydrychova Klimova
e-Service continuance usage framework PDF
Yasemin Çetin Kaya, Sevgi Özkan
Communities of practice as a mechanism of learning from others: the value of informal learning to organizations PDF
Miren Fernández-de- Álava, Aleix Barrera- Corominas
Monitoring learning with an electronic portfolio PDF
J. Enrique Agudo, Héctor Sánchez, Mercedes Rico, Remedios Hernández -Linares
Audit of information security management system PDF
Martin Drastich
Mathematical problem solving system based on graph structure PDF
Ali Kürşat ERÜMİT, Vasif NABİYEV, Ayça ÇEBİ
Site Analysis Interpreting the past in the present Real art educational co-operation in virtual reality PDF
Seija Ulkuniemi, Tanja Holmberg
An autonomous agent for determining the visibility of social science journals PDF
Josep-Manuel Rodríguez- Gairín, Marta Somoza- Fernández
Knowledge representation using semantic network for female related issues from the Holy Quran PDF
Noraziah ChePa, Ku Ruhana Ku- Mahamud, Aniza Mohamed Din, Faudziah Ahmad, Wan Hussain Wan Ishak, Farzana Kabir Ahmad, Roshidi Din
Virtual instrumentation system for remote reading of digital and analogical equipment display PDF
Oana Beniugă, Oana Neacşu
Learning to design mechanical transmission with gears using web interface PDF
Mogan Gheorghe
Estimated the amount of energy production of dams using artificial neural networks: Oymapinar example PDF
Kemal Saplioglu, Murat Kilit, Bekir Kagan Yavuz
What you see is what you click on? PDF
Rita Mátrai, Zsolt Tibor Kosztyán, Norun Christine Sanderson
Project expert system fact or fiction PDF
Zsolt T. Kosztyán
A new complex-valued intelligent system for automated epilepsy diagnosis using EEG signals PDF
Towards meeting information needs of rural community: transforming access to value creation PDF
Zulkhairi Dahalin, Nor- Iadah Yusop, Huda Ibrahim, Mohd- Khairudin Kasiran, Zahurin Mat Aji, Nafishah Othman
Web presentation of 3D scanned sculptures - heritage preservation of Taiwanese arts PDF
Naai -Jung Shiha, Chia -Yu Lee, Tsu- In Jan, Chan- Wei Cheng, Queenie Lin, Ruo- Xuan Chen
Study of thermal runaway mechanism related to a chemical reaction PDF
Benamrane Badrtamam, Bourmada Noureddine, Chetouani Yahya, Belkacemi Zoubir
Determination of Antivirus Software Selection Criteria and Ranking of Programs PDF
Oguzhan Kirilmaz, Gokhan Celik, Mehmet Kabak
Webification of Software Development: General Outline and the Case of Enterprise Application Development PDF
Mária Bieliková, Pavol Návrat, Daniela Chudá, Ivan Polášek, Michal Barla, Jozef Tvarožek, Michal Tvarožek
Optimizing Traffic Light of an Intersection by using Game Theory PDF
Mohammad Khanjary, Hamidreza Navidi
Developing and Sharing ESP Resources: the Online Teaching Project at the UPV PDF
Ana Sevilla Pavón, Belén Serra- Cámara
The Influence of the Ontological Status of Student Understanding on Modelling Activities in a Virtual Learning Environment PDF
Jaanika Piksööt, Tago Sarapuu, Jérémy Castéra
French and Estonian Students Visual Literacy Skills Related to the Modelling Activities in a Web-Based Environment PDF
Jérémy Castéra, Tago Sarapuu, Jaanika Piksööt
Intellectual Capital Management s and Enterprise Resource Planning s Implementation Effects on Supply Chain s Performance PDF
Turan Erman Erkan, Ugur Bac, Yavuz Selim Ozdemir
Analysis of Factors That Affect PDA Use Among Medical Students in Turkey using Fuzzy DEMATEL Method PDF
Ecem Basak, Cigdem Kadaifci, Fethi Calisir
Infomobility: an Integrated Framework PDF
Federica Franchi, Silvia Malpezzi
Deploying Argument Visualization for Discussing Climate Change: Lithuania Case PDF
Rimantas Gatautis, Audrone Medziausiene, Elena Vitkauskaite
A Compressed SNMP Scheme and Architecture for Managing Constrained Personal Area Network PDF
Zeldi Suryady, Gopinath Rao Sinniah, Reza Khoshdelniat, Usman Sarwar
Computer Modeling of Diffusion in Biological Tissues Sean PDF
Sean K. Powell, Konstantin I. Momot
SER Analysis of Two-Hop Physical Layer Network Coding with 16QAM Modulator PDF
Raya Hajji, Noureddine Hamdi
An Interactive Virtual Environment for Learning Differential Leveling PDF
Hazar Dib, Nicoletta Adamo- Villani
Generating Abbreviations Using Google Books Library PDF
V. D. Solovyev, Vladimir Bochkarev
Simulation of Large Data Processing for Smarter Decision Making PDF
Kalamkas Nurlybayeva, Gulnar Balakayeva
Capacity Planning for an Enterprise Environment PDF
Amir Tohidi, Devdatt Dubhashi, Mats Andersson, Mats Erkenstam
Control System Based on Least Mean Square Algorithm for Induction Mass Heating of Steel Workpieces PDF
Angela Iagar, Caius Panoiu, Gabriel Nicolae Popa, Corina Maria Dinis
Analysis of the Bank Charges Comparator System PDF
Martina Hedvicakova, Ivan Soukal, Jan Nemecek
Automated Extraction of 3D Building Objects From Clustered Urban Environments with Computational Geometry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technologies PDF
Alireza Geranmayeh Kashani, David Grau
Prototype-Based Contour Detection Applied to Segmentation of Phytoplankton Images PDF
Evaldas Vaiciukynas, Antanas Verikas, Adas Gelzinis Department, Marija Bacauskiene, Sigitas Sulcius, Ricardas Paskauskas, Irina Olenina
Application of Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in Image Segmentation PDF
Tahir Sağ, Mehmet Cunkas
On the Existence of Perfect Linear Codes Over the Ring 5l with Respect to Homogenous Metric** PDF
Mehmet Özen, Ömer Kara
A Multi Layered Perceptron Structured Ann Based Prediction For Surface Roughness PDF
İlhan Asiltürk, Bekir Karlik
Dynamic Lottery Scheduling PDF
Nurbek Saparkhojayev, Yermek Nugmanov, Amy Apon
The Evaluation of Weights of Interdependent Criteria With the Decision Adviser: an Alternative Approach to the Analytic Network Process PDF
Jiri Mazurek, Radomir Perzina, Zuzana Kiszova
E-Agriculture Development by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Application PDF
Behzad Sani
Usability Evaluation of a New Set-Top Box System PDF
Fethi Calisir, Cigdem Altin Gumussoy, Ayse Elvan Bayraktaroglu, Eda Takbak Sahin
Modeling of the Protein Folding Problem Using Distributed Constraint Optimization PDF
Ionel Muscalagiu, Diana Maria Muscalagiu, Adela Berdie, Manuela Pănoiu
Improving Term Candidate Validation Using Ranking Metrics PDF
Mercè Vàzquez, Antoni Oliver
Parameter Drift in Risk-Based Statistical Control Charts PDF
Csaba Hegedűs, Zsolt Tibor Kosztyán, Attila Katona
National Registers eGoverment Pillar in the Czech Republic PDF
Jan Jarolimek, Pavel Simek, Jiri Vanek, Michal Stoces
Random Antenna Selection for Two-Way MIMO AF Relaying System PDF
Rahima Sayeb, Noureddine Hamdi
Component based development model for new and customized software products PDF
M. Rizwan Jameel Qureshi, Ahmed Barnawi, Abdurrahman Al Talhi
An exploratory study of TMS adoption in the 3PL industry PDF
Marco Melacini, Gino Marchet, Sara Perotti
AFIM: A trusted routing algorithm based on fuzzy logic for mobile ad hoc networks PDF
Abdesselem Beghriche, Azeddine Bilami
Assessment of mobile mapping system : A GIS-based support methodology PDF
Herrero Tejedor, Conejo Calvo M., Pérez Martín, López Cuervo Medina S.
Adaptive Forward Error Correction in High Speed Optical Communications PDF
Cristian Prodaniuc, Bomin Li, Knud J. Larsen
Knowledge representation of natural language in Description Logics PDF
Sofiane Allioua, izette Boufaida
Comparison of routing protocols in mobile ad-hoc wireless networks PDF
Sajjad Arshad, Abbas Naderi Afooshteh
SEO of university web for international students PDF
Pavel Mazánek
A flexible e-exam framework and air traffic controller selection system PDF
Omer Faruk Arar, Abdulkerim Oncu, Samet Akpinar, Ozkan Yalcin, Umit Mert, Mustafa Semih Sadak, Selahattin Kosunalp
Investigating the effects of melatonin and resveratrol agents on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease PDF
BEP analysis of two-way selective demodulate-and-forward relaying over Rayleigh fading channels PDF
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Intrusion detection by a dynamic length rule PDF
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Gender as a factor deepening the digital divide PDF
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An intelligent agents approach to support the management decision making process in the virtual organization PDF
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Ontology-based nanomaterial analytics and forecasting PDF
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Developing Mathematical Model for Losses in Water Distribution Network by Integration of SCADA, GIS and Customer Information System PDF
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Three Dimensional Urban Information System (UIS), Cayyolu-Umitkoy Case PDF
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Sample analogies developed with regards to the concept of learning object PDF
Alpaslan DURMUŞ
Improving the performance of multi-modality ontology image retrieval system using DBpedia PDF
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Behavioral analysis model for sharing knowledge in virtual groups PDF
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Integration of Correlation Processes in Design Systems PDF
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Urban Information System (UIS) and Three Dimensional Visualization in Urban Planning Process PDF
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Developing a Rule-Based Data Clustering Algorithm for Diagnosing of Wheat Pest PDF
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Predicting Critical Gap Using Fuzzy Logic Method at Unsignalised Urban Intersections PDF
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An Educational Microactuator System and Comparison of the Learning Effects with and Without Preliminary Training on the Simulator of the System PDF
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Using Software in Quantitative Approach of the Sovereign Debt Crisis PDF
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Reliability-Risk Project Expert Matrix for Handling Maintenance Projects PDF
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Computer Application for Interactive Teaching of Decision Making Methods PDF
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The Forecasting of Cedar Trees Diameter with Artificial Neural Networks PDF
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An Accurate Attitude Estimation Using Panoramic Vision and An Extended Kalman Filter PDF
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Palmprint Authentication Using Discrete Cosine Transform and Autoregressive Signal Modeling PDF
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E-Learning Reflecting Learning Styles: Development, Analysis And Research Activities In The Czech Republic PDF
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Computer Assisted ECG Storage, Visualization and Measurements using a Proprietary XML Format PDF
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MobileMETU:A Mobile Campus project based on web services PDF
Mahir Kaya
Factors Impacting Intention to use of Erp Systems In Indian Context: an Empirical Analysis PDF
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Social Commerce: The Next Generation of E-Commerce PDF
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Using the KJ Method for the Construction of the Website Information Architecture of a Halal Information Por PDF
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E-commerce in the Grocery Industry: an Assessment of Distribution Strategies PDF
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Community Characteristics for Self-Funding and Self-Sustainable Telecenter PDF
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Effects of Users Familiarity and Trust on Perceived Community Support PDF
Manuel J. Sánchez- Franco, José L. Roldán, Antonio Leal- Rodríguez, Eva M. Buitrago- Esquinas, Félix A. Martín- Velicia
Correlation Between Consumed Energy and Packet Relaying in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks PDF
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Towards Improvement in Free Throw Skills by the Means of Virtual Reality PDF
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Controlling Humanoid NAO Robots Using a Web Interface PDF
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Package Service Flow Applications in Grid-System Using Genetic Algorithm PDF
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Multifractal Analysis of Sentence Lengths in English Literary Texts PDF
Iwona Grabska Gradzioska, Andrzej Kulig, Jarosław Kwapieo, Paweł Oświęcimka, Stanisław Drożdż
Adaptive Shortwave Radio Gain Control System Based on Self-Learning Neural Networks PDF
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Universities Search by International Students PDF
Pavel Mazánek
Binary Operations with Knowledge Units PDF
Milan Houska, Martina Berankova
A Two-Way Meta-Modeling Approach in Web Engineering PDF
Xhevi Qafmolla, Nguyen Viet Cuong
The Importance of SEO for University Web Pages PDF
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Adoption of Distance Learning Technologies in Higher Education in Russia PDF
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3D Reconstruction Technique with Kinect and Point Cloud Computing PDF
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A Methodological Prototype of eLearning for Old People PDF
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PTTPS: A Model For Timeline-Based Planning and Scheduling of Patient Tests in Hospitals PDF
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E-Governance Adoption in India PDF
Mithun Barua, Shveta Sharma
Pulse Propagation Study of 1x4 Multibranch Optical Waveguide Using 3-Y Branch Optical Waveguide PDF
D. Chack, S. K. Raghuwanshi, V. Kumar
Field Propagation Study of Y- Branch Assisted by MMI Coupler PDF
D. Chack, S. K. Raghuwanshi, V. Kumar, Niteshkumar Agrawal
Study of Mass Customization in Cluster Supply Chain PDF
Chunling Liu, Weichun Xiao, Linlin Xu, Yanping Wu
Health IT: What Does the Term Mean? PDF
Marjan Laal
Multicriterial Inventory Analysis with MATLAB Application: A Case Study from Health Care PDF
Péter Volf, Zoltán Kovács, István Szalkai
Valences of Multimedia Technologies in ROMANIAN PRE-PRIMARY and Primary Education PDF
Gabriel Gorghiu, Laura Monica Gorghiu
Solving Optimization of System Reliability by Estimation of Distribution Algorithm PDF
Shang Gao, Ling Qiu
Real-Time CUDA Based Collision Detection and Physics Based Collision Response Simulation PDF
Zhengwen Wang, Shuai Li, Lipeng Yang, Aimin Hao
E-learning Environment Design and Application on the Subject of Heat and Temperature PDF
Ufuk Coruh
A Design of Computer Recognition System of Kazakh Language Text: OCR, Morphotactics and Morphophonemics PDF
Bakyt M. Kairakbay
Specification of Security Using Stereotypes PDF
Sabah Al Fedaghikan
Analysis for Different Binding Modes of 11β-HSD1 Inhibitors in the Human and Mouse Species by Developing Pharmacophore Models PDF
Nam Sook Kang, Joo Yun Lee, Kee Young Kim
SystemVerilog-Based Reconfigurable Verification Platform Employing Multiple Inheritance of SystemC PDF
Young Jin Oh, Dong Guk Hwang, Gi Yong Song
Maximizing job submission rate in market-oriented grids PDF
Asgarali Bouyer, Bahman Arasteh, Firouz Nasrollahi
Congestion Control in Wireless Ad hoc Network PDF
Toofan Samapour, Shahram Jamali
A platform 2.0 for e-democracy services PDF
Domenico Consoli
Unknown Champions: Solvers in Online Open Innovation Intermediary Platforms PDF
Mokter Hossain
Survey of behavioral description languages PDF
Reza Alipour-Fard, Ayaz Isazadeh, Jaber Karimpour
Modelling the buckling behaviour of composite hemispherical dome ends under external pressure using artificial neural networks PDF
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Multi-objective Design of Fibre Metal Laminates for Maximum Impact Resistance using Imperialist Competitive Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm PDF
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Finite Element Simulation of Thin Interphase Layer between Two Glass Fiber-Reinforced PDF
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Uses of information and communication technologies by hospitalized pupils: what humanization? PDF
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Design methods and techniques for information systems intended for the contemporary business environment PDF
Marian-Ştefan Neicu, George Savii

ISSN: 2147-5369