Vol 4 (2013): 3rd World Conference on Innovation and Computer Science (INSODE-2013)

Table of Contents


Journal Informaition PDF
Meltem Haksiz
Message from the Guest Editor PDF
Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Sadikoglu
International Scientific Committee PDF
Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Sadikoglu
Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Sadikoglu
Obtaining Architectural Pre-Shape by Using Typological Database in Computer Environment PDF
Arzu Özen Yavuz, M. Tayfun Yildirim
Designing tasks for the final control of the course «fundamentals of computer science» for students-geographers with regard to the principle of professional orientation PDF
S. V. Ponomareva, N. A. Voronkina
Opportunities of innovation with intelligent technologies for the financial and accounting software PDF
Vasile Daniel Pavaloaia, Ioan I. Andone
UML framework for modeling the bankruptcy prediction models PDF
Vasile Daniel Pavaloaia, Catalin Strimbei
The Inventory Model and Decisions of Products with imperfect quality under Uncertain Demand and Supply PDF
Ping- Hui Hsu, Hui Ming Teng
Empirical analysis of the relation between object-oriented class lack-of-cohesion and coupling PDF
Jehad Al Dallal
Training management for human resources development at a wastewater treatment station PDF
Panaitescu Mariana, Panaitescu Ileana- Irina, Panaitescu Fanel- Viorel, Panaitescu Vlad- Adrian
E technology in high education for realistic modeling of crisis situations PDF
Panaitescu Mariana, Panaitescu Fanel- Viorel, Panaitescu Vlad- Adrian, Panaitescu Ileana- Irina
Mining Association Rules with Parallel Programming PDF
Güncel Sariman, Ecir Uğur Küçüksille
Product creative design method based on the strategy of problem solving PDF
Wu Zhao, Kai Zhang, Chen Wang, Ling Chen, Junsong Zhang
Designing New generation of ATM using hybrid Authentication in Iran PDF
Mohammad Ali Torkamani, Seyyed Hossein Ahmadi, Ali Bayat, Mohammad Reza Tabandeh, Seyyed Mohsen Samadani
Architectural Solution for reaching High Availability PDF
Mohammad Ali Torkamani, Hamid Bagheri, Abdusalam Abdollah Shaltooki, Mohammad Reza Tabandeh, Amin Eghlidi Negad
The Relationship between Used Information Technologies and Efficiency Learning in Smart Schools Based on Academic Motivation (Case study; Smart schools teachers of Esfahan-Iran) PDF
Farhad Shafiepour Motlagh, Torabinahad Monireh
Computed fringes of phase shifting Sagnac interferometer PDF
Mohamed Bouafia, Aïcha Medjahed, Aissa Manallah
Internet Security Challenges and Strategies PDF
Saeid Jamshidi, Ali Asghar Jamshidi, Leila Jamshidi
New innovative direct distributed injection system of fuel for internal combustion engines PDF
Liviu Constantin Stan
Micro Design and Value Analysis PDF
Chichernea Florin, Veţeleanu Ana
Internet-Based Teleoperation of a Puma 600 Virtual Robot with ANFIS Based Controller PDF
Ouamri Bachir, Ahmed- Foitih Zoubir
ACTIVE extending the life expectancy of motion-sensing game consoles PDF
Dragan Ivetic, Veljko Petrovic
Future of Health Informatics PDF
Said Shahtahmasebi
The Principles of a Semantically Rich Data Representation System PDF
Ştefan Hărşan Fárr
A genetic IXK-Means algorithm for gene clustering PDF
Wei Wu, Huanan Wang
Electrical Vehicle Modeling and Sliding Mode Control PDF
M. Mekkaoui, K Zemalache Meguenni, A. Omari, L. Mostefai
Comparing Ensemble Classifiers: Forensic Analysis of Electronic Mails PDF
Ekin Ekinci, Hidayet Takçı
Video Data Modelling Based on the MPEG-7 Standard in e-Learning Cloud Computing PDF
Andrei Marius Gabor, Radu Vasiu
Balanced the Trade-offs problem of ANFIS Using Particle Swarm Optimisation PDF
Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin, Dian Palupi Rini, Siti Sophiayati Yuhaniz
The ultimate goal is profitability - How information technologies should be applied to contribute the competitiveness of a company? PDF
Krisztina Oláhné Tomcsányi
Turkish License Plate Recognition based on Neural Network and Support Vector Machine PDF
Ramin Abbaszadi, Ali Jalili
Influence of Persian on Hindi PDF
B. S. Bokuleva, R. A. Avakova
Formation Of The Informational-Communicative Competence Of Future Specialists PDF
B. T. Kerimbaeva, K. M. Berkimbaev, S. T. Nyshanova, B. K. Mukhamedzhanov, Zh. E. Daribaev
Formation of the communicative competence of the future ecologists in the process of foreign language teaching with the use of information technologies PDF
M. M. Akeshova, Zh D. Ernazarova, N. M. Akeshova
The Ethical-Psychological Standpoint of Computer Testing PDF
Irena Loudová, Eva Švarcová, Dagmar El- Hmoudová
Game-based Learning Approach to Binary Search Tree Operations PDF
Suleyman Eken, Ahmet Sayar
Puzzle on the complexity of a path avoiding forbidden pairs of vertices PDF
Eva Milková, Karel Petránek
To the problem of using a national ornament in educational process PDF
U. M. Abdigapbarova, E. U. Sagindikova, M. E. Rustambekova, R. E. Pralieva, A. K. Rysbekova
Scientific and Practical Bases of Improvement of Professional Training of Future Specialists - Physics PDF
A. Kh. Sarybayeva, K. M. Berkimbaev, B. T. Kerimbaeva, I. B. Usembaeva, Sh. Zh. Ramankulov
Comparison of Three Software Effort Estimation Methodologies with Case Study PDF
Tülin Erçelebi Ayyıldız, Altan Koçyiğit, Deniz Peker
Genetic Algorithms: Concepts, Design and Optimization Tools in the Architecture for Children PDF
Cristina -Maria Povian
Analysis of Cluster-head Selection Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Muhammad Awais Qarni, Awais Adnan, Kashif Nasr, M. Hannan, M. Tayyab
Challenges in Globalizing M-Community Application: A Case of Extending it to a Fishing Community in Thailand PDF
Mohd Azam Osman, Wong Poh Lee, Abdullah Zawawi Talib, Sirot Piman
Evaluation of Healthcare Applications Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Gül Fatma Türker, Akif Kutlu
Search for heavy top bottom partners in same-sign lepton final states with ATLAS data PDF
Otilia A. Ducu, Julien B. Maurer
Shot Boundary Detection Using Motion Information in Macro Blocks PDF
Awais Adnan, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Nawaz
Formation Of The Information And Communicative Competence Of Future Doctors In The Process Of Teaching Foreign Language PDF
K. M. Berkimbaev, Zh D. Ernazarova, K. A. Zhanataev
Activation of students in eLearning PDF
Sarka Hubackova
The Introduction Of Interactive Methods Of Training Of Forming Of The Future Teachers PDF
A. S. Uzakbaeva, Zh. G. Niyazova, D. K. Berdi, E. E. Seydakhmetov, M. B. Baimukhanbetov
Optimizing the heat exchange in ballast water treatment using software monitoring methods PDF
Simona Ghiță, Nicoleta Acomi
The Importance Of Trip Planners Used In Public Transportation Case Study Timisoara City PDF
PhD. Eng. Patrick Ştefănescu, Eng. Petrișor Viorel Neculai
Modeling of Memristor by Using Artificial Neural Network PDF
Deniz Korkmaz, Ömer Faruk Alçin, Sami Ekici
An Artificial Neural Network Model for The Amperes Law PDF
Ömer Faruk Alcin, Deniz Korkmaz, Sami Ekici, Abdulkadir Şengür
Routing Misbehavior prevention in AODV PDF
Ibrahim Zagli, Guray Yilmaz, Coskun Sonmez
A Combined Algorithm for Placement of Rectangular Vehicles in A Non-Rectangular Ferry PDF
Büşra Paşalı, Çağlar Aksezer
eLearning through Interactive Games PDF
Andreea Ionica
Dicom Automatic Segmentation for Organs Properties Database Design PDF
Monica Leba, Florin Badea, Dragos Apostu, Ioan Dumitru Anghel, Lucian Craciun
Creativity the Link between Discovery and Learning for Educational Innovation PDF
Monica Leba, Andreea Ionica, Eduard Edelhauser
Trust Formation and Relational Marketing Ingredients for Developing Computational Marketing Aiming at Exploiting Complementarities PDF
Klaus B. Schebesch, Nicolae Al. Pop
A decision support system for international students PDF
Qing Wu, Yanqing Duan, Tian Dong, Hui Chen
Breast Cancer Diagnosis Based on Naïve Bayes Machine Learning Classifier with KNN Missing Data Imputation PDF
Mahmut Kaya, Oktay Yıldız, Hasan Şakir Bilge
Automated Software Testing: An Insight into Local Industry PDF
Abdul Rauf, Zara Shaheen, Bushra Hameed
Agile Practices: A Comprehensive Review of Literature & Local Industry PDF
Mehwish Zulfiqar, Abdul Rauf, Eisa Aleisa
Web Application Regression Testing: A Comparative Evaluation of User Session and Slicing Based Approaches PDF
Sabeen Masood, Abdul Rauf, Eisa Ale
The power quality enhancements by the compensation dynamic of voltage to protected the sensitive load PDF
B. Abdellaoui, M. N. Tandjaoui, C. Benachaiba, M. Aissaoui
New heuristic and PSO algorithm for Tchebychev distance facility Location problems with a probabilistic line barrier in the plane PDF
F. Mahmood- Soltani, N. Soltani
A System Management Tools For Netwotk Computing System PDF
Anis Ismail, Abd El Salam AL Hajjar, Mohammad Hajjar, Mazen EL-Sayed
Anti-Forensic Steganography Method Based On Randomization PDF
Emad T. Khalaf, Norrozila Sulaiman, Muamer N. Mohammad
Forecasting grade and recovery of flotation column concentrate using radial basis function and layer recurrent neural networks PDF
F. Nakhaei, M. Irannajad
Guided-Based Usability Evaluation On Mobile Websites PDF
Bahadır Dündar, Nejat Yumuşak, Samet Arsoy
Design and implementation of a microcontroller based infusion pump system for automatic drug delivery PDF
Dogan Ibrahim, Rana R. Saeed
Knowledge mining from human interactions with the Internet PDF
Nazir Hawi
Solving real-world workforce scheduling problems PDF
Kimmo Nurmi, Nico Kyngäs, Jari Kyngäs
Evaluation of the Opinions of Computer Using Academicians in terms of Data Waste PDF
Murat Tuncer, Feyzi Kaysi
Multi-Core based Hybrid String Matching Algorithm for Intrusion Detection System in High Speed Networks PDF
Awsan Abdulrahman Hasan, Nur’Aini Abdul Rashid, Muhannad A. Abu- Hashem, Atheer Akram Abdulrazzaq
Automated process for conversion of methane into important chemicals PDF
T. S. Baizhumanova, K. Dossumov, S. A. Tungatarova
Frame s Method of Sliding Fragment to Analyze and Detect Pathoanatomical Image PDF
N. T. Rustamov, G. P. Akimishev, B. K. Rustamov, A. K. Bimaganbetova
Innovative Technologies of Formation of Skills of the Healthy Lifestyle of Pupils of Rural Schools in out-of-Class Work PDF
Daniarov Talgat, Kuatbekov Bekzat, Moldaliev Maksat, Zhazdikbaeva Mariam, Abuseitov Kentau, Bekahmet Kentau, Khudiarov Galimgan
Teaching Tasks as a Means of Forming Intellectual Competence of Future Primary School Teachers PDF
G. T. Abdullina, B. T. Ortayev, K. M. Zhetibayev, Z. K. Zhetibayev
An efficient approach based on mrMR feature selection and decision tree for automatic sleep stage scoring PDF
Baha Şen, Musa Peker
Virtual Laboratory Application for Direct Current Motor Experiments PDF
Mehmet Fatih Işik, Murat Alparslan Güngör
Incorporating IP Multimedia Subsystem Security Gateways with Intrusion Detection PDF
Nauris Paulins, Peteris Rivza
Mitigation of Losses through Regional Purchasing Strategy: A Case Study for an Automobile Company PDF
Amy Chen, Chih- Ying Hsieh, H. M. Wee
Formation of Creative Thinking of Students on Physics By Means of Electronic Resources PDF
G. K. Ormanova, K. M. Berkimbaev, B. A. Kurbanbekov, S. Zh. Ramankulov, A. K. Bimaganbetova
The exact string matching algorithms efficiency review PDF
Atheer Akram AbdulRazzaq, Nur’Aini Abdul Rashid, Awsan Abdulrahman Hasan, Muhannad A. Abu-Hashem
Setting innovation management priorities in Turkish Firms PDF
A. Orçun Sakarya
Simulation of Robotic-Arm Manipulation for Education PDF
Mehmet Fatih Işik, Erhan Çetin, Halil Aykul
Tablet PCs in English Language Teaching: Benefits and Challenges PDF
Perihan Savas
Comparison of spatial interpolation methods for estimating solar radiation in South Korea PDF
Jin-ki Park, Jong -hwa
Textile Image Classification Using Artificial Neural Networks PDF PDF
Iclal Ulvi, Rifat Asliyan, Korhan Gunel, Onur Dincel, Aslihan Cagrici
The Testing of Wireless Local Area Network with ANN PDF
Tuncay Yigit, Mevlut Ersoy
Searching under uncertain conditions PDF
Bogdan Walek, Pavel Smolka, Jiri Bartos, Cyril Klimes
Methodology for design of safe operating systems PDF
Bogdan Walek, Juraj Masar
A computer-aided diagnosis system for detection of Parkinson s disease using fisher score feature selection and neural network PDF
İsmail Atacak, Bünyamin Gökpinar
Treating ballast water by heating method in different environmental conditions PDF
Acomi Nicoleta, Radoiu Bogdan Viorel, Ghita Simona, Bostina Alina Lucia
Evaluating courses in distance learning systems under uncertainty PDF
Bogdan Walek
Improvement of Mobility Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Aysel Şafak, Şule Öztürk
The interaction between space design and computer technologies PDF
Hare Kılıçaslan, Burcu Efe Ziyrek
An Application of Modified Assignment Algorithm with Constraints PDF
Dilara Koca, Recai Oktaş
Editor for creating and applying computerise surveys PDF
Armando Cocca, Humberto Blanco Vega, Jesús Viciana Ramírez, Martha Ornelas Contreras, Daniel Mayorga Vega, José Leandro Tristán Rodríguez
Sequence data in Bioinformatics PDF
Michal Gréč
Results of Pedagogical Experiment on Formation of Healthy Lifestyle Skills PDF
T. A. Daniyarov, A. K. Demeuov, G. T. Malgaydarova, A. A. Abitiarova, E. E. Seydahmetov
An Overview of Terrestrial Mobile Mapping Systems: The Example of the Topcon IP-S2 PDF
Lutfiye Karasaka, Ferruh Yildiz
New Modeling Language for Business DSLs PDF
Razvan Costin
Dynamic Orbit Determination of Satellites in Low Earth Orbits PDF
Serkan Doganalp, Aydin Ustun, Robert Weber
Important Priorities of Formation of Future Teacher s Creativity PDF
Bakhyt Apsiitovna Ospanova, Salatanat Tynybekovna Nyshanova, Ibrokhim Irismatovich Sagdullayev, Asel Ersultanovna Tashbulatova
Formation and development of institute of Intellectual Property rights protection in Kazakhstan PDF
Nurbolat Parmanov
Predicting Joint Angle Of Hand Opening-Closing by Using Surface Electormyogram (sEMG) and Image Processing Method- A Novel Approach PDF
Cengiz Tepe, Nurettin Şenyer, İlyas Eminoğlu
Digital Ecosystems for Public Affairs PDF
Prof.Dr. Ani Matei, Prof.Dr. Lucica Matei, Assist. Carmen Savulescu
DCV-based Face Recognition System and Its Application on the Embedded Development Board PDF
Rifat Edizkan, Hakan Çevikalp, Hasan Serhan Yavuz
Body-Shadow Separator based on Hough Transform for Lines PDF
Muhammet Talha Büyükakkaşlar, Nurettin Şenyer, Recai Oktas
SLOODLE: Usage as an Education Tool PDF
Ali Uslucan, Nurettin Şenyer
A Cybernetic Model of Externalities Internalization PDF
Mihai Daniel Roman
Some Aspects of Management of Professional Self-Determination of the Personality of Teacher PDF
Farida Kuandykovna Iskakova, Gulsara Tolebekovna, Kamalbek Meyrbekovich, Alina Kuandykovna Bimaganbetova, Mukhabat Erubaykyzy Rustambekova
Turkish Speech Recognizing Voice Control of Television PDF
Nursel Yalçın, Muhammed Mutlu Yapıcı
Usage of Multimedia Resources in the Educational Process PDF
A. U. Kalizhanova, G. B. Kashaganova, Zh. M. Alibieva
Information technology as a tool for the development of political culture of youth PDF
Rystina Indira Sadybekovna, Karibek Daulet Zhamaubaiuly
Optimization of the diplomatic service`s activity in conditions of modern international relations and information technology PDF
Aliya Kussainova
Design of an ultrasonic system to help blind people navigate and also change the sequence of traffic lights PDF
Ali Musadaq Shanshal, Dogan Ibrahim
Kazakh folk music art as a mean of pedagogical universities students intellectual development PDF
Abdigapbarova Ulzharkyn, Ibraeva Kamarsulu, Madalieva Zhanil
Innovative Approaches to Short-and Long-term Impact Assessment of Programming Education PDF
Attila Pásztor, Róbert Pap -Szigeti, Erika Török, Zsuzsanna Vajda
Forming the effective system of knowledge management is the basis for higher educational organization innovative development PDF
B. S. Kalenova, N. F. Denisova, A. R. Sazdykpayeva, G. S. Nabiyeva, A. U. Kalizhanova, A. S. Kalenova, T. S. Kartbayev
Technology of multidimensional stochastic control system construction PDF
Balgabayeva Lyazzat, Kalizhanova Aliya, Nabiyeva Gulnaz, Aitkulov Zhalau, Kozbakova Ainur, Kartbayev Timur, Mukapil Kaiyrkhan
Quine-McCluskey algorithm on GPGPU PDF
Vladimír Siládi, Tomáš Filo
A Combined Approach for Steganalysis embedded data stored in gray-scale images through LSB PDF
Sajad Mirjavadi, A. M. S., M. Shariat Panahi, S. Maleki Jebeli, M. Mousavi
E-learning system based on Bloom s Taxonomy PDF
Eniko Elisabeta Tolea, Aurelian Razvan Costin
Smart Library Automation PDF
Selim Özdem, İlhami M. Orak
Development of methods for modeling and optimization craft supply systems PDF
Khabdullin Asset, Khabdullina Zauresh
Mathematical model of the control system of objects of electro supply of the industrial enterprises PDF
Khabdullin Asset, Khabdullina Zauresh, Khabdullin Arman
Acceleration of recovery simulation on big model using GPU PDF
T. T. Bekibayev, B. K. Assilbekov, U. K. Zhapbasbayev
Moving from Learning Management Systems to the e-Learning Cloud PDF
Logica Banica, Cristian Stefan, Doina Rosca
Optimal Design of an Impulse Damper for a Nonlinear Friction-Driven Oscillator Using Genetic Algoritm PDF
Seyed Sajad Mirjavadi, Abdel Magid Salem, Behzad Mohasel Afshari, Ali Asghar Atai, Masoud Shariat Panahi
Mapping projects to workflows using YAWL PDF
Nemes Cristina, Rusu Lucia, Podean Marius
Comparative analysis of a Control System Based on Digital Dynamic Pulse Frequency Modulation PDF
H. Bekmurza, Aitchanov Aitchanov, Vladimir V. Nikulin, Olimzhon A. Baimuratov
Complex degree programs in the system of specialists retraining and advanced training PDF
G. Z. Kaziyev, G. S. Nabiyeva, A. U. Kalizhanova, L. S. Balgabayeva
Effects of different face template designs for appearance based face recognition PDF
Hasan Serhan Yavuz
The Role of Common Terminological Fund in Development of Turkic Languages PDF
Gulzhan Doszhan
Verbal and Nonverbal Expression of Agreement/Disagreement of Kazakh Speaking and Russian Speaking Citizens in Kazakhstan PDF
D. M. Koishigulova, G. B. Madiyeva, A. Aitmukhanbetova, Y. Kulichenko
Structure and algorythm of operation of microprocessor control unit of the mobile micro hpp PDF
B. S. Akhmetov, L. S. Balgabayev, O. V. Kiselyova, M. Bokambayev, P. T. Kharitonov
Do virtual groups experience less conflict than traditional teams? PDF
M. Tomai, M. E. Mebane, V. Rosa, V. Ingravalle, M. Benedetti
Self-regulating Mechanisms in Complex Adaptive Enterprises PDF
Stelian Stancu, Alexandra Maria Constantin, Oana Mădălina Predescu(Popescu), Violeta Steliana Stancu(Popa)
Information Technology And Its Role In Kazakhstan Higher Education System
B. K. Tulbassova, A. K. Moshkalov, A. N. Zhanbyrbayeva
Future of HVDC power transmission in Africa PDF
M. Aissaoui, M. N. Tandjaoui, C. Benachaiba, B. Abdellaoui
Modeling of Dendritic Cell-based vaccination Immunotherapy using Artificial Neural Networks PDF
Mohammad Mehrian, Abazar Arabameri, Alireza Sedghi, Davud Asemani
Interactive Computer Simulated Practical Pharmacology PDF
Hesham Aly Salem
Neuroscience-Based Visual-Spatial Working Memory Training and its Transfer Effects on the Attention of Dyslexic Children PDF
Mohsen Shokoohi -Yekta, Salahadin Lotfi, Reza Rostami, Maryam Salehi- Azari, Maryam Ayazi
Digital Image and Living Space PDF
Claudiu Alexandru Toma
A Lesson Plan Platform for Smart Education PDF
Jaechoon Jo, Kamuela Parker, Heuiseok Lim
Autonomous working team and a decision-making process PDF
Hana Mohelska, Marcela Sokolova
The introduction of e-learning in business education in the field of acquisition of basic management skills PDF
Marcela Sokolova, Hana Mohelska
Design and Implementation of Digital Image Processing Algorithms in Pulse Domain PDF
F. Taherian, D. Asemani
On the Security Requirements of Cryptographic Modules PDF
Halil Karaalan, Sedat Akleylek
Boolean SATisfiability problem (SAT) in modelling user roles PDF
Monika Simkova
Modeling of user roles for mobile communication in fuzzy algebra PDF
Monika Simkova, Hana Tomaskova
Natural Language Interface for Well Data Management and Operational Efficiency Estimation PDF
Pakizar Shamoi
Problems of the Transition of the Kazakh Language into the Latin Graphic PDF
Aidos Saduakassov
Brain Training by BrainWare® Safari: The Transfer Effects on the Visual Spatial Working Memory of Students with Reading Problems PDF
Mohsen Shokoohi -Yekta, Salahadin Lotfi, Reza Rostami, Negin Motamed- Yeganeh, Yousef Khodabandeh- Lou, Mohammad Habibnezhad
Comparing Holistic and Algorithmic Methods In Computer Aided Architectural Design Education PDF
Arzu Özen Yavuz, M. Tayfun Yildirim
A Study on The Utilization of Creatıve Knowledge During The Process of Computer Aided Architectural Design Education PDF
Arzu Özen Yavuz, M. Tayfun Yildirim
Developing Autism Screening Expert System (ASES) PDF
Mohsen Shokoohi-Yekta, Maryam Mahmoudi, Bagher Ghobari- Bonab, Amir Ali Bagherzadeh, Hadi Moradi, Hamid Reza Pouretemad, Saeed Akbari Zardkhaneh, Salahadin Lotfi
Online expert system for screening autism: an item analysis PDF
Mohsen Shokoohi-Yekta, Maryam Mahmoudi, Bagher Ghobari- Bonab, Salahadin Lotfi
Designing an expert system to screen for autism: Investigating psychometric properties PDF
Mohsen Shokoohi-Yekta, Maryam Mahmoudi, Bagher Ghobari- Bonab, Saeed Akbari Zardkhaneh, Salahadin Lotfi
Computer-based key language competences testing methods implemented in the Blackboard learn environment PDF
Dagmar El- Hmoudova, Eva Milková
An Exploratory Study on e-Government Systems Success in Romania PDF
Andreea Ionica, Eduard Edelhauser, Lucian Lupu- Dima
An Improved Single Circuit Model for Spiral Inductors on Lossy Silicon Substrate PDF
Juan Zou, Zhen- An Tang
Educational Opportunity Of Informational Technology In The Formation Of Information And Communicative Competence Of Future Specialists PDF
S. M. Kenesbaev, Z. O. Sahitzhanova, S. T. Nyshanova, M. E. Seitova, A. M. Amanbaeva, I. Sagdullaev
Combining Local Binary Pattern and Local Phase Quantization for Object Classification PDF
Emre Akarslan, Rifat Edizkan
Formation Of The Professional Competence Of The Future Ecologists PDF
M. M. Akeshova, A. T. Meyrbekov, G. P. Meyrbekova, K. M. Berkimbaev, M. S. Moldaliev
Randomness Analysis on Blowfish Block Cipher PDF
Ashwak Mahmood ALabaich, Ramlan Mahmood, Faudziah Ahmad
Puzzles as useful prototypes of graph concepts and algorithms PDF
Eva Milková
Feedback and its individualisation for eLearning PDF
Sarka Hubackova
Forming Of Professional Competences Of Future Teacher-Trainers PDF
B. S. Omarov, B. K. Mukhamedzhanov, K. M. Berkimbaev, B. Z. Abusseitov, E. E. Seidakhmetov, B. B. Kendzhaeva
Formation of Foreign Language Professional Communicative Competence of a Future Expert PDF
Alina Kuandykovna Bimaganbetova, Gulbakhram Bayanovna Tabyldieva, Zaure Kaparovma Kanieva, Raushan Sultankhanovna Batyrkhanova, Galiya Nikolaevna Ernazarova
The prospects of cooperation between Kazakhstan and Italy in the field of information technology PDF
Aizhan Serikbayeva
Use of information technology in criminal investigation PDF
Sakenova Assemgul Bolatovna

ISSN: 2147-5369